Meet Californian trio Innercity Mob

The Californian trio of emcees that breathes hip hop is composed of A.B.Z aka “Tha Street King” , A.N.T Special A.K.A Killa Tone and Swin Loc.
They come to you like trife thieves on the move, ready to rob everything around them. Carrying a dark mob music spirit, Innercity Mob will take you by surprise, introducing you into a crazy, rhythmic symphony of words. Clap Ya HanZ N Stomp Ya Feet is filled with dark synthethizers, symbolizing terror and runaways. The gifted players don’t joke with their passion. Their fluid flow, their authentic gangsta spirit, their unbreakable ill cypher, all those elements combined together will allow the listener to fully appreciate Innercity Mob’s artistry.
Light Piano notes, swinging drum beats, a fluid flow, raw voices: welcome to the Tripod track that carries a hustler spirit. The trio is keeping it raw and hardcore, as the sudden introduction of electric guitars seems to point it out.
No Friend Of Myne: candenced drum beats, violin notes in the background draw the picture to a drama. Treason can make a friend turn into the worst enemy. Feel rage and regrets expressed through a nostalgic, yet tough melody.
Gimme A Shot is a hot invitation to party. A combination of dark and light keyboards match with the crazy rhythm. Feel the dizziness around you and just chill.
Innercity Mob can be found here.
Hardcore hip hop lovers will probably enjoy the talented trio.
Copyright 2007 by Isabelle Esling
All Rights Reserved