Nathan Mathers music

For all of you who have always been curious about how Eminem’s brother would sound as an emcee, Nate Kane himself will give you the opportunity to appreciate a few music samples on his musical my space account.
I really lack time at the moment( i have a lot in the works), but I will give you all a detailed opinion about Nathan’s talent. Stay tuned!

7 thoughts on “Nathan Mathers music”

  1. You know…you are entitled to your opinion…but you ought to know that Nathan never claimed to be a carbon copy of his brother…

  2. Katie >> Nate does not suck ok he is awesome he is not my dad he is his own person he is my half uncle please dont slander him

    1. stop it…you are NOT Hailie Jade. You are posting from Birmingham, UK…i tracked your IP, dumbass.

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