Monica Blaire: Motown's golden voice

She is beautiful, heartfelt, talented. Highly influenced by the Motown musical world and rich of many other musical influences, Detroit artist Monica Blaire possesses that incredible gift to transform into gold everything she touches. Her deep, warm voice would make any insensitive person burst into tears.
Very much representative of many black music genres such as soul, hip hop ,R’n’B, Funkand blues Monica Blaire perfectly knows how to talk to your heart.
Some of you have probably seen her in Bizarre’s recent videos. I suggest we’d all explore more of her work.
With Christmas knocking at the door, Someday At Xmas perfectly fits into the season. Full of nostalgic accents, built on soft instrumentals and bell sounds, Monica Blaire transports you into a wonderful world of emotions.
Funkin For Jamaica leads the listener into a very dynamic, rhythmic piano-keyboard musical background in which Monica’s soft and deep voice totally comes to shine. Clap your hand and move to the dynamic track!
Set Me Free might surprise the listener at first, because of its only electronic background. Soon, Monica Blaire’s voice will escape from the musical landscape like a bird that had been trapped into a cage. Its strength will liberate an energetic mantra: Set Me Free. I loved the song’s architecture.
Work features Maestro. It intelligently combines strong vocals with rhythmic claps and xylophone notes. Darkness and light work together while Monica offers some vocal power to her listeners. A modern world of electronics seems to cross and contradict the real world. Beautifully done!
Piano notes open up on a jazzy background while Monica gently whispers. You will be enchanted by the artist’s brillance. Step into a world of softness…appreciate the moment, let your soul drink the lyrics.
Detroit artist Monica Blaire belongs to the category of creative artists who mark black music history forever. Check the incredible artist here.
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