A slight insight into Nathan Mathers' musical world

Back in 2004, I told you all that Nathan Mathers was a young man on his way to fame. While some of you highly doubted his talent, some others were holding their breaths during three years, waiting for Nate Kane to demonstrate what he was capable of.
In fact, it isn’t easy to be Eminem’s brother. You really have to surpass yourself if you want to stand a chance to shine in the world of rap music. Between the haters and the freaky Nathan Mathers hunters (always eager to get a piece of him, even when it was a my space poser), Nathan’s life hasn’t always been simple.
At the age of 21, Nathan has now gained maturity and is ready to expose some of his work. To all of you listeners- whether you like Nate or not- I’d advice you to forget that he is Eminem’s brother: don’t let biased judgments occult your ears. Try to envision him as any other Detroit underground emcee.

Welcome into Nathan ‘s universe. A powerful orchestral introduction that is enhanced by electric guitars introduces the Nate Kane song. The track is rhythmic as well. Part of Nate’s assets are probably his vocals: Nate’s voice is set on a darker register than his brothers’ which will allow him to make a real difference. Despite his beginner status, Nate already shows a mastered use of the technical part of his instrumentals. His flow delivery isn’t bad either.
Nate Kane is a good self introduction into the rap game. Well done.
With some Southern accents, I’m Not Asking transports the listener into a club atmosphere. Again, Nate’s vocal performance needs to be underlined.
I Like The Shadow Of A Celebrity, because it allows the young emcee to pour his heart out about his celebrity status and the whole harassement that goes with. Nate also mentions people’s attacks about Debbie. Don’t jump to conclusions: you don’t know the real Nate, nor can you imagine what it is like to be always viewed as “Em’s little brother”.
I liked Messing Around a little bit less. The subject matter is much more superficial. Doesn’t really sound interesting how Nate shows his tattoos to a bunch of obsessed groupies…
A more hidden and interesting fact is that Nate Kane united his talent with a tight young Detroit underground emcee named Solystic. I reviewed Solystic back in 2005 and I can tell he is one of Detroit’s promising hip hop talents. Both artists are making beats together. Check them out here.
From what I heard, Nathan Mathers seems to possess some good artistic qualities. Judge by yourself: check him out here.
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  1. Isa,
    Did you see where Debbie Nelson has that new eminem book coming out…i’ll try to send you a link:)

  2. Donna, i already posted the link a few weeks ago…but i am not very keen on commenting about her book…i know that this will generate too much drama on my website lol

    1. thanks…well, I have been in touch with Nathan Mathers and I have explored his songs on some of his official websites:)

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