Inspiration Guerriere ( Warrior Inspiration)/ French rapper Alibi Montana ‘s almighty ghetto rage (CD review)

Global rating of the product: 4.75 stars (excellent work)
Representing the streets of the 93 department with pride, Alibi pours out his rage in a very merciless manner. Like the talented and precise social commentator the skilled artist actually is, Alibi goes into depth with a sharp minded spirit, revealing a country s political weaknesses with an amazing sense of reality. Rough life rider, amazing politically engaged poet, Alibi over floods the scene with his powerful, inventive lyrics.
His heart is fulfilled with justified rage, his street poetry blossoms like a garden during spring time, spreading a powerful, revolutionary message. Rebel with a cause, Alibi carries the weapons of justified gangsta rap rage.
Powerfully enhanced with rhythmic and rich symphonic instrumentals, characterized by the artist s sharp sounding voice, Inspiration Guerriere appeals all street soldiers for unity.
Voice of the people, he echoes a thousand thoughts, advocates the underprivileged s cry for more justice, smashes discriminatory governmental policies against ethnic minorities.
Attentive street disciple, Alibi Montana opens the curtain on a tough reality theater. Hunger, lack of money, poverty, drug deals, constant discrimination, growing social inequalities, loads of angry people who are tired of drowning into ghetto slums with no practical chance of evolution, the talented rapper exposes a rough world in its whole nudity. Whether you like it or not, Alibi s words manage to reach their targets with an incredible precision.
Catchy drum beats, gunshots, keyboards, a voice that dissects like a scalpel unveils the Ghetto Rap song. Alibi s lyrical ease and fast flow delivery are truly impressing. The song is marked by a gritty ghetto rage spirit. Cusswords spread like deadly bullets from an angry gun s mouth, leaving bloody scars on their way. The merciless cook serves his dishes raw, pointing the finger at the numerous injustices that occur in the infamous 93 department.
The spirit of hardcore hip hop is back, stronger than ever and it is meant to stay.
Deranging on purpose, Alibi s assertions will act like an electroshock into many conventional thinking brains.
Ma Drogue combines bass and keyboards. A swinging gig characterizes the song that strongly advertises the CD in the whole Parisian area. Yes, Alibi s music is addictive, please believe it!
Le Retour Du Al is a good example of astute verbal creativity in which Alibi excels.
The use of the instrumentals totally match with the purposely aggressive atmosphere of the song. The light xylophone notes symbolize the prelude to a drama that is continued by the rhythmic hardcore keyboard sounds.
Street Fight is one of the top hits of the album. Alibi truly blesses the mic during the whole song.
Like a boxer, the talented emcee punches his enemies on his way, in a very powerful manner.
Enjoy his mastery of the cipher, his communicative enthusiasm, his hip hop dedicated spirit. You are going to love it!.
Another valuable track is Hymne Du Travail, an ode during which Alibi expresses his love for the hard working classes. Manual work is valued with some beautiful words of respect. Alibi has his own way of expressing it.
Globally speaking, Alibi Montana can be viewed as a tight gangsta rapper who possesses some undeniable lyrical qualities. His gift is allied to a sense of truth and rightness. Never afraid to raise his voice against French politics and social policies, Alibi manages to touch many people’s heart.
He can be considered as today’s French ghetto youths spokesman, although his message is meant to reach a larger audience. Inspiration Guerriere is the excellent result of hard work. The intelligent use of the instrumentals will generate an obscure, dirty and rough ghetto atmosphere.
The almighty and well thought lyrics will break through and reach their targets like a powerful blast.
If you are not familiar with French rap, Alibi Montana is definitely not the artist to be slept on.
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