Detroit 's Instrumentally Sick Production take you in the middle of their storm

Enthusiastic, determined, dedicated, the incredible Detroit artists will communicate their passion to whoever listens to them with an attentive ear.
They Gone feat Tone is based on raw instrumentals made of harsh drum beats, hammering piano sounds, conquerring, murderous keyboard sounds that totally match with the 313 G atmosphere. The artists flow with ease and the whole track is lead with a powerful energy.
My Hood expresses the same scary dimension. Powerful beats and instrumentals open up on a dark lyrical content. The Detroit hood is decribed in its harsh reality. Pondered, rhythmic words sounding like the upcoming menace of an overheated guntalk make the whole beauty of the track. Back is the meaning of raw-and I am loving it.
Dark bass sounds contrast with light bell sounds in a very subtle way. Drum beats in the background will make the listener feel the run. Globally speaking, Get Back is full of offensiveness. Open your ears and listen to the gritty voice of men who are ready to stomp their enemies out. Well done.
Soft repetitive guitar sounds, bass notes in the background, a mad flow delivery, some good lyrics and a definite victorious spirit will conquer any hip hop audience. You gotta love What You’d Say.
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