The same justice should prevail for all of us

We are all equal-at least in theory. It seems, however, that some offenders have it easier than some others.
In a society that claims to defend justice, democracy and equal human rights, it is kinda shocking to see people like Paris Hilton walk free from jail after three days with a $ 20 000 fine. It looks like there seem to be double justice standards, whether you are rich and famous, or not.
While considering the wisdom of the Latin proverb « Summa jus, summa injuria » ( too much justice can be a great injustice), we should also take into account that a crime is a crime, regardless of who committed it, and there should be no favor treatment as far as I am concerned.
Double standards already exist in terms of race. Many people in America happen to be judged more severely when carrying the wrong skin color.
When somebody is breaking the law, the same punishment should apply for the same type of crime.
If any celebrity commits a crime tomorrow, I see no logical reason why he/she should benefit more from the Court s clemency than the nobody from the street committing a similar crime.
Although some star struck people would dangerously take sides in favor of their lawbreaking idols, I do consider that we should IN NO WAY encourage such behaviors.
Money gives famous people the illusion that they are untouchable. Unfortunately, some judges way of ruling their Court cases will reinforce this illusion.
While it is true that the same justice should prevail for all of us as well as the sun shines for good and evil, poor and rich, we all know that some people have it real easy in front of the justice s eye.
But isn’t that notion of equality and justice the biggest illusion in this world?
Money will buy you the best lawyers. Money will allow child molesters and criminals to walk free from Court without the slightest remorse.
It is so much scandalous to see arrogant wealthy people escape from their sentence, because of their social status.
Shouldn’t millionaire Alberto Igaza judged as severely as a poor man (doing the same crazy thing) for murdering his 2 year old daughter?
Money is a useful tool that can buy you loads of things and even free you from jail and other very difficult situations, but I don’t think it will ever buy you happiness.
Talking about Alberto Igaza, who would be convinced, despite the numerous press reports describing his apparent happiness, that a man murdering his own two year old baby was totally content with his life?
You can always plead temporary craziness, stress and exceptional circumstances: a crime remains a crime and should deserve an exemplary punishment. No extra treatment, no special favor for the rich. One law, one justice and, preferably, the same non discriminatory law for all of us!
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Eminem and Ex drop charges against wannabe (Contact Music)

Hip-hop superstar EMINEM has vowed not to press charges against an 18-year-old wannabe rapper who phoned him after stealing his number from his ex-wife Kim. Kyle Spratt was fired from his job at a bingo hall in Ontario, Canada after snatching Kim Mathers’ cellphone when she visited there last month (May07). He used the phone to get Eminem and rapper Obie Trice’s personal numbers. He then called the Slim Shady star – real name Marshall Mathers III – in a bid to get his demo heard. Spratt says, “I’m just really desperate to get my music heard. I’m not having a good life… and I feel that my music could really help me if I really made it. “He (Eminem) was a real asshole. He pretended it was wasn’t him, and he did a fake voice.” When Detroit Police called him, warning him to stop harassing the rapper, Spratt taped the conversation and sampled it on a new track he created, called Slim Shady is a Sellout, slamming Eminem. Police in Ontario then contacted Spratt, amid fears that he had threatened the Mathers’ that he would post pictures of their children on the internet – but when cops failed to find any such snaps the ex-couple agreed not to press charges. Spratt’s track has since been removed from the internet.

Fan steals Kim Mathers phone, calls Eminem(WXYZ news)

wannabe rap star in Windsor finally got some buzz — after stealing Kim Mathers’ phone, calling Eminem, bragging about it online, and then finding cops at his front door.
18-year-old Kyle Spratt admits he swiped Kim Mathers’ phone at Paradise Bingo in Windsor, and wrote down Eminem’s number before the phone was returned.
Spratt then called Eminem hoping the rapper would listen to his demo music. The conversation, which Spratt recorded, didn’t work out very well.
Upset that Eminem brushed him off and then police started calling, Spratt spun the recordings of the conversations into a rap song called “Slim Sellout” — which he posted online. And that’s when the trouble really started.
Below is a May 28 post from Spratt on the website TRSHADY.COM….
“i dissed eminem n i got him on tape and cop on tape … click lyrics to read them to SLIM SELLOUT .. [[NOTE: song has been removed from site]]
“k if this aint news i dont know what the f*** is … long story short i havent posted anything bout this on here this past crazy month while all this has been happening cause i dont feel like having a bunch of net nerds attack me like ” yeah and im eminems uncle ” .. but straight the f*** up .. i stole kims phone from paradise bingo where i worked till she got me fired i called eminem and blah blah blah listen to my song ull hear the clips and understand the story … click LYRICS to read along
“P.S i see the irony in everyones only insult to me as an ” eminem wannabe ” and the fact that i now ripped him .. i dont care if he comes back i dont care if he hears it … but im almost positive he will … f*** eminem.”
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Pushing hypocrisy to the limits…

Ray Benzino, known as the former co-owner of the Source magazine, recently stated about Eminem:
““I think if me and Eminem ever got together, it would not only be big for hip-hop, it would be big for society.We have a long way to go and I think he can be a very important voice to make that happen. If it was to ever happen, I’d be with it.” …
His sudden changes of heart towards a man he has spent nearly four years to fully hate seems to hide a masked jealousy and deep personal ambitions.
If we consider that the same man defined Marshall Mathers as a “creme de la creme emcee” in his unsigned hype article in 1999 suddenly went from the deepest admiration for the emcee s lyrical skills to a dark hatred, we could ask what his motivations actually are.
In 2003, Benzino s clear goal was to ruin Eminem s career, presenting him as a big racist in front of the public s eye and as a menace to the purity of hip hop, as a white member of the hip hop community. As if Eminem s whiteness really mattered in terms of talent.
It looks like the pitiful, second (or should I say third class) rapper, seems to act like a cameleon.
Not only is the man totally deprived of any real rapping talent, he is also very unhappy with other people s fame and success.
As Eminem sarcastically pointed it out in 2003, Benzino is not even gifted for bullying. His desperate discrimination campaign against Eminem fully defines him as a desperate attention freak.
Shady will definitely have the last laugh in this affair.
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