Yes, Erin Bria Wright is Eazy E s daughter…

I discovered her in November 2006, while reviewing the Ruthless mixtape We Want Eazy, celebrating Eric Wright’s anniversary.
She wrote a moving song entitled Dear Daddy that is based on a Tupac s Dear Mama sample. The song expresses a daughter s utmost respect and unconditional love towards her daddy.
If some of you heard about Lil Eazy E, you better check this young lady too!
Here is her my space.

16 thoughts on “Yes, Erin Bria Wright is Eazy E s daughter…”

  1. Hi Isa,
    I haven’t been here in awhile…I’ve been sooo busy with everything, I haven’t had time to breathe…I’ll fill you in later. I hope things are going well for you and the boys…I wish you all the very best.
    I sent you two letters about 2 weeks ago and I got them back in the mail today…it was stamped un-identifiable address…so if you get a free minute re-send me your mailing address and I’ll send them back out to you…
    As I said before, I hope all is well there and I wish you the best…take care my friend…
    Talk to you soon,


  3. Eazy E was the best rapper alive. And eveytime i get on the computer i go strait to his music. See i like Eazy E because he’s fine and when he rap he just flow so good. I think they all to do something in honor of the best rappers alive. And if they were to do something like that i would reccomend that Eazy E, 2pac, And Biggie be the main people.Anywayz I wish he was still alive so he can show these new rappers what real rap is. I love you Eazy E and I’ma always keep jammin to yur music cause you are the truth and you will always be my nigga.

  4. i really liked your father but he sadly left s without knowing erin you keep repestenting your dad because that is what he would want you to do i loved your adad and i still do so do your thing he watching over you and your mom and brother lil eazy e i wish you the best fuck haterz they wish they were in your spto keep shinig

  5. erin bria your dad was the bomb back then but you your mom and brother lil eazy e took over for him everyday when i get on the computer i go straight to his music cuz he was a big role model to young kids but don’t worry about haterz they wish they were in your foot steps people gonna talk about you your whole life but don’t mind them just keep your dad legacy going on and im sure he is looking over you everyday

  6. erin bria you look just like eazy e when i see you on tv and on the computer i just think of your dad but to be honest if i had a choice to want eazy to come back i would’nt want him to cuz we got shug knight people hating on him and they could do any thing at any time so if he did i would want him to have 5 or more security guards cuz shug knight people can do anything i would not want any thing to happen to you or any of eazy e other kids

  7. people say you think you all that cuz your dad is eazy e and on your sweet 16you did not do anything for your dad you know yo did somethind for your dad so do not faze them

  8. i had a dream that eazy e came back and did one of his hits real compton city g’s and it was the bomb i just wish i could hear his voice again you know i miss him alot i had a break down before saying i wish he was hear over and over again i did’nt even know i was doing it eric lynn wright rest in peace 1963-1995 gone but not forgotten only a ral mutha fuckin g would get aids in die this ain’t nothin eazy

  9. bone thugz n harmony still out there but as long as they out there you gonna still see eazy e crossroads was dedicated to him cuz they gonna meet him at the crossroads so he won’t be lonely cuz he was the realest compton city g out there see you at the crossroads so you won’t be lonely

  10. After watching many documentaries on Eazy, he left me speechless….he left this world changing lives of people and leaving a voice for us to always follow… matter what ppl say, Gangsta Rap has the greatest meaning.. despite the foul language, you look into it and there’s anger and hope for change…..ppl will never understand that, but i know for me, listening to his music now brings tears to my eyes….so im looking forward to what MS.ERIN and Eric have to bring…..lets get it…Long Live Eric Lynn Wright…..

  11. girl your really pretty you look like your dad…damn your dad was the shit still is the shit i was only 5 when he died but i fuckin love his music its so real….yeah its crazy but its the truth…..i play it allmost all day everyday thats a real as fuckin nigga and i hate it when i hear people taking shit about him on tv cuz you know they wouldnt do that if he was here…….to me he aint dead his music keeps him alive and people will keep on playing that shit intill the end of time

  12. Dear,erin yo are my favorite. i love your dad i am a big fan of him ive been liking him since i was 8yrs old.i love everything about him, and his style. He was an amazing person and I wish he was my daddy too!!

  13. yo erin i think u beautiful grl..and i heard that u following in your daddy n bigger brothas footsteps..,putting it down on da music scene..would love to maybe work wit you someday..and i got nothing but tha upmost respectz for u ur famz and ur father,,,”tha compton thugsta””eazy muthaphuckkin e…hope ill hear from ya.. take care E..and keep it pushin…”NRG”

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