To my readers and occasional readers, to all of you emailing me…

I really need to address to all of you guys, since I have had a lot of people spamming my mailbox and bothering me with unuseful questions.
First of all, I am very busy at the moment and I will barely have time to answer any regular mail. All over those years, I have always tried to answer people giving me some positive feedback, constructive criticism or who simply had some questions to ask about Em or anything hip hop.
However, I need to remind some of you that I also have a life , two kids and some daily obligations to face with. I am busy with my own life, so please don ‘t waste my time with questions whose answers you could find easily through search engines like google or yahoo…anyway if you do have some specific questions about Em, may I gently remind you that the Eminem blog has an archive that covers several years of research I have done on the artist and his music, so please, before you start emailing me, check out the archive.
I’d also like to point out that I don’t have answers to everything. Moreover, I don’t know Mr Mathers personally and I never claimed to. I don’t have answers for every little detail happening in his life…so please, don’t bother me with Em’s personal life…I have reported about some facts and probably will if the press talks about in some specific articles…but…my whole life doesn’t revolve around Em and his family. Em is somebody I do respect as an artist and as a person, but I have my own life to live.
Talking about my passion for the music, Em is not the only artist I am talking about as a music journalist. I have a huge passion for hip hop, whether it is old school, new school, underground or mainstream. I love hip hop as a WHOLE. Em is just a tiny part of that immense passion that makes me tick.
In conclusion, many elements keep my mind busy. I am fed up with people constantly bothering me, asking me if I know about Kesia Alvarez ‘ pregnancy, that they love Em to death, if I am related to Em or if I do have a contact address or a phone number to reach Mr Mathers. You guys are such a bore. Get a life!
As long as I will have some free time, I will always try to respond to my readers email. But I will definitely classify the mails mentioned above as spam.
To whom it may concern: please take my words into account, because I will simply put you on a block list.
Thank you for reading.
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3 thoughts on “To my readers and occasional readers, to all of you emailing me…”

  1. Sorry to hear your being overloaded with mail…
    I do understand where your coming from because I get mail all the time asking for his address and/or phone number…

  2. can i just say there is no need whatsover for that kind of attitude. you are supllying a blog that is open to the public. if you now cant handle the workload you have created for yourself that is a issue you need to reslove. the public also comes in many shapes and forms, to genaralise us all as these crazed eminem fanatics when you have a whole internet fan site dedicated to the man is just ridiculous! you should have more respect for the people who are supporting you work.
    thank you for reading,

    1. Hello Riley,
      I think you misread me. I have been running that blog for 6 years now. I have always been dedicated to my readership all over the world. I have always done my best to answer most questions, including giving some more info or links if necessary. But I think that anybody with a common sense would understand that I have a job and a family to handle besides my passion for hip hop. So after 6 years it is getting boring to have the same kind of nutcases asking me for Eminem’s personal info ( that I don’t have).
      If you can’t understand that I sincerely feel sorry for you. Sincerely,

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