Mariah Carey vs Eminem(

Part fifty of the Mariah Carey versus Eminem row has emerged, and it’s getting nasty.
OK! Magazine has reported that Eminem’s new album will go into intricate detail about his fling with Mariah Carey.
The magazine spoke to an insider who revealed “There’s more then one track that goes into really specific, intimate detail about what went on between Em and Mariah”.
The magazine reports that Mariah has asked the head of her record label to intervene, and plans to sue Eminem for slander.
Good luck with that Mariah, I think the queue starts over there.

2 thoughts on “Mariah Carey vs Eminem(”

  1. It’s been six years…i can’t believe they are still at each others throats…it’s time for them to both move on!!!

  2. it is only a stupid publicity stunt…that’s my opinion…i am getting less naive about the music industry as time goes by…

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