The Pre-Up: the anticipation of the Eminem's Re-Up/ CD review

Rating of the product: 4.5 stars
Introduced by Eminem’s new DJ, The Alchemist, on a Shade 45 background, the less known mixtape has nevertheless some interesting perspectives to offer to an attentive listener. Moreover, it enlightens some individual talents of the crew that composes the worldwide known Shady Records crew.
While You Don’t Know is already a classic to many Re-Up lovers, some other more rare songs should definitely catch your ear. Musically speaking, You Don t Know is based on different harmonic bases and sounds more disrupted as the original version.
Still On Top begins on a reprisal of Eminem s Business song handled by Mike Boogie. Dr Dre s freestyle is an interesting demonstration of talent that is beautifully enhanced by some mastered powerful sounding beats.
Stat Quo and Lil Wayne will empower the A Town on a noisy instrumental background. Alchemist and Cashis will take you by surprise on a distorted, jungle alike instrumentals. Flowing faster than the wind, The Alchemist and his accomplice will certainly please their audience.
Probably one of the less talked about Shady Records artist, Bob Creekwater pours his heart out in Truth Be Told on a beautiful and rhythmic piano background. Feel the walk , the determination, the sincerity of a man who is dedicated to his art.
With his typical Iron Fist instrumentals, Proof walks in, with the same love for hip hop purity. His typical raspy voice will take you back to the hip hop shop.
The Gang is a cool gangsta rap flavored song based on some threatening Ruthless sounding instrumentals and gun shots.
There s a lot of tension in Prodigy ‘s Mac 10 Handles song. Rhythmic drum beats combined with a gritty rapping style totally fit into the scary gangsta atmosphere in which gun talks and drug use and abuse will prevail.
This Is America is a remix of Eminem s former We As American that provoked some high suspicion from the Bush government who totally misinterpreted the meaning of slang word « Dead Presidents ». Have a look at what The Alchemist, Prodegy and Un Pacino can do.
Hip heads, don’t miss the Classic Beatbox Freestyle brought to you by a brilliant and inspired Eminem.
You will be able to enjoy the rhyming master in a real good performance.
Those of you who ever doubted Kuniva s rhyming ability should definitely check his hot Robbery song. The talented emcee excels in rhyming and flow. Flute notes, soft vocals, trumpet sounds enhance the dark atmosphere of the song. Robbery is definitzly a banger.
D12 is in the house. Bizarre brings back his scary hilarious style that is so typical to the artist. People who are familiar with the weirdo of the D12 group s sick-hilarious style will certainly enjoy Roman Noodle Soup. Sirens and drum beats will enhance the insane dimension of the song while Bizzy will put his creativity in action, mixing up incompatible words, assembling them like a colorful puzzle. Insanity, a warped sense of humor, Bizzy s specific touch will allow the listener to eat his Roman Noodle Soup with delight.
Worked on with Mick Boogie s collaboration, the Pre Up is an interesting Shady Records collaboration. If you haven t heard about it yet, you should pay it as much attention as you did for the more publicized Re Up version: you can cop the mixtape with no hesitation.
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