Obie Trice/ Cry Now video review

While Obie walks in, trumpets introduce the video. Look at Obie stepping up in his city with confidence, recalling the shooting of December the 31st that could have ended up in a bloody drama.
Some jealous pricks wanted to cut his life short, but, obviously, a legion of angels made Obie benefit from their protection.The bullet hit the back of his head, stayed inside of it, but Obie Trice was safe after leaving the hospital.
Skilled rappers face a lot of jealousy from their fellow emcees who have big difficulties in making it. The Detroit scene in particular, is spoilt by a lot of envy and jealousy.
In front of success, though, the best attitude is to congratulate and to avoid any kind of hatred.
In his video, Obie ironically addresses to the people who wanted to kill him: Cry Now. The talented emcee is back, stronger and more skilled than ever. He bothers you, because he talks about actual facts. Do what ever you want to, you won’t prevent Obie Trice from speaking his mind.
Skilled lyrical soldier, Obie Trice will make you travel through the Detroit hood, meet his fellows while watching his brain scans.
You wanted to shut his voice down, deprive a family father of his daughter and a mom of her son, but you failed, you worthless killers. Obie is back, confident and shooting his lyrical bullets at you.
Nicely done, Obie’s video shows the poignant daily reality of the D.
I enjoyed Obie’s powerful lyrics and his instrumental background.
With the recent killing of one of my contacts from Detroit, Bigg Slim Dogg, who happened to be a huge fan of the Shady Records family and an underground emcee, the call to stop the violence in the D and everywhere else, becomes more than ever- an emergency.
You have the right not to like an artist. You have the right to beef lyrically. But stop depriving kids from their fathers, stop amputating a hip hop community from its artists. Respect life above all.
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A little gift by a fellow fan and writer

I have been sent this little poem by a nice lady who happens to share the same passion for Eminem’s music and for writing. Please don’t copy this poem without my permission. It is subject to copyright.
…just a fair warning.
One late night,
As I worked by desk light.
Alone in the house,
A click of the mouse.
I gazed at many sites,
Then pop, up came your website.
I could not believe my eyes,
What a surprise.
An Em fan like me,
Author of Marshall 313.
Your words flow with ease,
As sand in the breeze.
I asked what, why, and when,
We both work with a pen.
Our writing is a work of art,
Only pages, seperate us apart.
To make our dream come true,
We’ll work our fingers black and blue.
Never give up the dream,
Until publishing becomes a reality.
If you promise to never put down your pen,
I promise forever a friend.

Why do the good have to die so young?

Dedicated to RIP Ken Keith aka Big Slim Dogg, taken away from life by three bullets at only 18, in loving memory.

Detroit City is the ideal place for hardcore rap fans. Sadly, it is also the theater of bloody dramas in the ghetto.
Before I give you more details about Ken Keith’s story, let me first state this (I am addressing here to all the people who are not familiar with hip hop culture): stop poking fun at rappers getting shot- people carry guns in the ghetto because it is the only way to defend themselves and their families when it comes to life and death situations. Also, I’d like you to stop stating some rude and dumb comments about black people enjoying being shot.
Last April , Proof’s murder has hit the hip hop community very badly. At least, be decent enough to respect people’s pain. Last Monday, on July the 17th , somebody shot deadly a 18 year old young man. A young man I knew from the net and that I used to talk to. We used to share the same passion for Eminem, Proof, D12, Shady Records artists and hip hop in general. Another homie, who also happens to be in the rap business, informed me yesterday about Ken being shot dead. It is really heartbreaking to acknowledge good hearted people’s death. In can confirm that Ken was a cool and nice person, who always had some nice words for me and other fellows. He happened to be a great hip hop lover. He had a lot of things to live out, but somebody in Detroit decided not to give him a change to live. Yes, I am in shock and I keep asking myself: « When will the violence stop in hip hop? When will people realize that music should be their main purpose and that disses should remain words, not deadly acts. »
The facts:
I am unable to provide you a link of the article that has been copied and pasted on Ken’s my space account, but here are the facts:
LOCAL DETROIT RAPPER MURDERED OUTSIDE NIGHTCLUBUpcoming Rapper Ken Keith of Detroit better known as ”Lil Em” was found gun down on the side of his car this early Monday morning around 1:10am.When police arrived at the scene the nightclub was empty. A close group of friends where starting to post a memorial for their late friend.Statement made by Johnny Delveino says ” I don’t understand who would do this, He never wanted to start anything with anybody.We just came to have fun.” Holding back tears the Delveino states, ” Music was everything to him, It’s sad to see something so tragic happen all over again”. While details of the murder are very sketchy, early reports said that the rapper was found gunned down next to his car, after leaving a local nightclub here on Detroit’s East side.Witness statements conclude that there was a altercation between Keith and some other locals.”All i know is hearing, He’s got a gun and people start running, Three shots rang out and everyone ducked” Said Denise Holmes. It’s not clear if the shooter who Detroit Police are still looking for had previously had problems with Keith. “The shooting marks another sad day in Detroit rap, .”Even sadder is the fact that this is the second murder in three months of losing D12 member and Eminem’s best friend Proof. Stated local MC, Hush”.”Ken was a strong guy, Proof’s death hit him hard but he knew we all had his back”. “Ken was a cool guy and folks are in disbelief because he was so vibrant, Always wanting to be around people and have a good time.A young life was lost today over some unnecessary terms. Detroit Police are still gathering surrounding evidence, If you have any information please contact Detroit Police.
Ken Keith aka Bigg Slim Dogg will be missed. I will never forget this nice person. He had an appointment with Mr Cartoon and rejoiced in advance about having the same Proof tattoo as Eminem next August. He now rejoined Bugz, Proof and hip hop’s fallen soldiers in Heaven. May he rest in peace. If you want to express your sympathy, you can do it on his my space account. Copyright 2006 by Isabelle Esling. All Rights Reserved.

Another drama happened in Detroit recently…

I used to be in touch with a young man…he was just 18 years old. I have written his story on my Marshall313 website…This young man was from Detroit. He was a fellow Eminem fan and an underground emcee. Sadly, he was shot dead a few days ago. I just heard about his death…and I am in shock:(
I will dedicate Ken Keith aka Bigg Slim Dogg a little article as a tribute.
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New joints from Obie Trice’s Second Rounds On Me

I was lucky enough to find three brand new Obie tracks on Detroit rap: Obie Trice – D Town Boyz (Feat. Big Herk & Eminem),Obie Trice – Everywhere I Go (Ft. 50 Cent) and Obie Trice – After Party (Ft. Nate Dogg). D Town BoysRating of the product :4.5 stars 
D Town Boyz fully enlightens Detroit talents: old school Detroit underground emcee Big Herk and undeniably skilled Eminem.
D Town Boyz is built on a gunshot background combined with dope ass beats and various keyboard sounds. Obie Trice and his fellows bring the Detroit spirit to you. Realness is what characterizes Detroit cats most.
If you thought that only LA and NYC were dangerous hoods, than you are totally wrong. Detroit City, town of the killaz is an unsafe place where you better not mess with boys in the hood.
The trio Obie, Big Herk and Eminem will teach you the Detroit spirit.
Obie starts telling you how much the rap game is taken seriously in Detroit. As Big Herk points it out, there is no place for phoniness in Detroit. Real life guys run the streets. Eminem goes on, keeping it gangsta as well.
D Town Boys make noise everywhere they go.
The beautifully handled track got me hooked instantly. It is probably one of the most beautiful songs on what I heard from Obie’s second album.
Download it here (please hurry the link might expire!).
Everywhere I Go (featuring 50 Cent)Rating of the product: 4 starsSurprisingly (I admit that 5O Cent disappointed me since the release of The Massacre), I really liked what 50 Cent has to offer in this song.
Everywhere I Go is a rhythmic track with an intelligent combination of Obie and 50 Cent’s talent. 50 Cent’s slow way of speaking will contrast with Obie’s rapid flow. The song tells you the journey of artists who travel around the world. It can be a gratifying to be known everywhere you step in.
I enjoyed this song to the fullest and I recommend it to all of you.
Download it here.

After Party (featuring Nate Dogg)
Rating of the product: 3 starsAfter Party is quite disappointing. Not because of Obie’s skills, but because of the commercial dimension of the track. The musical background sounds more disco than hip hop.I admit that party track are annoying to me, most of the time.
Obie showed some good skills, but the track is spoilt by the instrumental background, as far as I am concerned. Download it here. 
Check them new Obie songs!
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Suicide Ride/ Marvwon-Mr Hash/ song review

Rating: 4 stars
Straight from the hellhole that some call « Detroit hood », Marvwon of the Fat Killaz and Mr Hash of I-Mac decided to combine their original and incredible talents in order to create their overheated thriller.
The listener is rapidly introduced into an explosive atmosphere. Detroit is the place where bad meets evil, but also the place where talents from different areas meet to work together. This is how East and West/Southwest put their differences aside and combine their talents in order to drop a bomb.
Overheated speech, untouchable flow deliveries, nice instrumentals: Marvwon and Mr Hash master all elements of their artistic collaboration.
You’d better shoot yourself in the head than fucking with them. Lyrical bullets will put you down with no mercy while claps punctuate the rhythmic tracks. Marvwon and Mr Hash will rip emcees with big egos off and beat their asses down.
The well handled track is the example of the kind of Detroit rap I really like to hear. It intelligently mixes up offensiveness, lyrical dexterity, good instrumentals, vocals and beats.
The track is up for download on Detroit rap, so don’t sleep on it!
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E. Lee from the D: bringing to you the 7 Mile flavor

In Ya All Don’t Know …about the flow, E. Lee addresses to the rappers who are tempted to sell Cds rather than putting all their efforts into their passion for hip hop. Of course, an emcee needs to feed his family with his CD sales. Keyboard sounds and drums introduce E. Lee’s nice lyrical performance that is enlightened by his nice flow delivery.
Pop For Me Mommy introduces the listener into a lighter atmosphere made of electronic sounds in the background. Nod your head to the track and enjoy the club song. Picture yourself into a strip club where things get kinky in no time.
The rhythmic song is well handled by an artist whose flow goes faster than the wind.
Soft vocals, rhythmic beats and E. Lee’s incredible flow will catch you in the middle of a verbal hurricane. Those are the elements that will define E. Lee’s Some People song. E. Lee reps the Murda Mitten with confidence. I highly recommend you Some People.
Hey Ma is built on rhythmic flute sounds. The « shake it » song is melodic and most of you will probably enjoy the astute combination of soft instrumental, rhythmic beats and E. Lee’s vocal skills. Hey Ma is an obvious invitation to dance along that you can’t and probably won’t refuse.
E. Lee is an original Detroit artist that is definitely worth your attention. Listen to his music here.

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