E. Lee from the D: bringing to you the 7 Mile flavor

In Ya All Don’t Know …about the flow, E. Lee addresses to the rappers who are tempted to sell Cds rather than putting all their efforts into their passion for hip hop. Of course, an emcee needs to feed his family with his CD sales. Keyboard sounds and drums introduce E. Lee’s nice lyrical performance that is enlightened by his nice flow delivery.
Pop For Me Mommy introduces the listener into a lighter atmosphere made of electronic sounds in the background. Nod your head to the track and enjoy the club song. Picture yourself into a strip club where things get kinky in no time.
The rhythmic song is well handled by an artist whose flow goes faster than the wind.
Soft vocals, rhythmic beats and E. Lee’s incredible flow will catch you in the middle of a verbal hurricane. Those are the elements that will define E. Lee’s Some People song. E. Lee reps the Murda Mitten with confidence. I highly recommend you Some People.
Hey Ma is built on rhythmic flute sounds. The « shake it » song is melodic and most of you will probably enjoy the astute combination of soft instrumental, rhythmic beats and E. Lee’s vocal skills. Hey Ma is an obvious invitation to dance along that you can’t and probably won’t refuse.
E. Lee is an original Detroit artist that is definitely worth your attention. Listen to his music here.

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