Obie Trice/ Cry Now video review

While Obie walks in, trumpets introduce the video. Look at Obie stepping up in his city with confidence, recalling the shooting of December the 31st that could have ended up in a bloody drama.
Some jealous pricks wanted to cut his life short, but, obviously, a legion of angels made Obie benefit from their protection.The bullet hit the back of his head, stayed inside of it, but Obie Trice was safe after leaving the hospital.
Skilled rappers face a lot of jealousy from their fellow emcees who have big difficulties in making it. The Detroit scene in particular, is spoilt by a lot of envy and jealousy.
In front of success, though, the best attitude is to congratulate and to avoid any kind of hatred.
In his video, Obie ironically addresses to the people who wanted to kill him: Cry Now. The talented emcee is back, stronger and more skilled than ever. He bothers you, because he talks about actual facts. Do what ever you want to, you won’t prevent Obie Trice from speaking his mind.
Skilled lyrical soldier, Obie Trice will make you travel through the Detroit hood, meet his fellows while watching his brain scans.
You wanted to shut his voice down, deprive a family father of his daughter and a mom of her son, but you failed, you worthless killers. Obie is back, confident and shooting his lyrical bullets at you.
Nicely done, Obie’s video shows the poignant daily reality of the D.
I enjoyed Obie’s powerful lyrics and his instrumental background.
With the recent killing of one of my contacts from Detroit, Bigg Slim Dogg, who happened to be a huge fan of the Shady Records family and an underground emcee, the call to stop the violence in the D and everywhere else, becomes more than ever- an emergency.
You have the right not to like an artist. You have the right to beef lyrically. But stop depriving kids from their fathers, stop amputating a hip hop community from its artists. Respect life above all.
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2 thoughts on “Obie Trice/ Cry Now video review”

  1. Very nicely said Isabelle!!! The violence has to stop. People get mad or jealous and fly off the handle…they pull out a gun…in seconds someones dead. Your not only hurting that person…they have families… the families are the ones suffering. Speak out about what or who your beefin’with…but use words not guns. Guns cut your life short…words last more than a lifetime…words are forever!!!

  2. OOOOOOHHHHH!!!! ChiLL BuMpS….That shit is hard. OBIE hurry up on the AlBum….The video is intense. You almost have to see the video to really feel the song like it should be felt…Obie brings that energy and the video editing accented that level of energy. HOTT!
    Sleeps of Phil Gaps Ent.

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