Why do the good have to die so young?

Dedicated to RIP Ken Keith aka Big Slim Dogg, taken away from life by three bullets at only 18, in loving memory.

Detroit City is the ideal place for hardcore rap fans. Sadly, it is also the theater of bloody dramas in the ghetto.
Before I give you more details about Ken Keith’s story, let me first state this (I am addressing here to all the people who are not familiar with hip hop culture): stop poking fun at rappers getting shot- people carry guns in the ghetto because it is the only way to defend themselves and their families when it comes to life and death situations. Also, I’d like you to stop stating some rude and dumb comments about black people enjoying being shot.
Last April , Proof’s murder has hit the hip hop community very badly. At least, be decent enough to respect people’s pain. Last Monday, on July the 17th , somebody shot deadly a 18 year old young man. A young man I knew from the net and that I used to talk to. We used to share the same passion for Eminem, Proof, D12, Shady Records artists and hip hop in general. Another homie, who also happens to be in the rap business, informed me yesterday about Ken being shot dead. It is really heartbreaking to acknowledge good hearted people’s death. In can confirm that Ken was a cool and nice person, who always had some nice words for me and other fellows. He happened to be a great hip hop lover. He had a lot of things to live out, but somebody in Detroit decided not to give him a change to live. Yes, I am in shock and I keep asking myself: « When will the violence stop in hip hop? When will people realize that music should be their main purpose and that disses should remain words, not deadly acts. »
The facts:
I am unable to provide you a link of the article that has been copied and pasted on Ken’s my space account, but here are the facts:
LOCAL DETROIT RAPPER MURDERED OUTSIDE NIGHTCLUBUpcoming Rapper Ken Keith of Detroit better known as ”Lil Em” was found gun down on the side of his car this early Monday morning around 1:10am.When police arrived at the scene the nightclub was empty. A close group of friends where starting to post a memorial for their late friend.Statement made by Johnny Delveino says ” I don’t understand who would do this, He never wanted to start anything with anybody.We just came to have fun.” Holding back tears the Delveino states, ” Music was everything to him, It’s sad to see something so tragic happen all over again”. While details of the murder are very sketchy, early reports said that the rapper was found gunned down next to his car, after leaving a local nightclub here on Detroit’s East side.Witness statements conclude that there was a altercation between Keith and some other locals.”All i know is hearing, He’s got a gun and people start running, Three shots rang out and everyone ducked” Said Denise Holmes. It’s not clear if the shooter who Detroit Police are still looking for had previously had problems with Keith. “The shooting marks another sad day in Detroit rap, .”Even sadder is the fact that this is the second murder in three months of losing D12 member and Eminem’s best friend Proof. Stated local MC, Hush”.”Ken was a strong guy, Proof’s death hit him hard but he knew we all had his back”. “Ken was a cool guy and folks are in disbelief because he was so vibrant, Always wanting to be around people and have a good time.A young life was lost today over some unnecessary terms. Detroit Police are still gathering surrounding evidence, If you have any information please contact Detroit Police.
Ken Keith aka Bigg Slim Dogg will be missed. I will never forget this nice person. He had an appointment with Mr Cartoon and rejoiced in advance about having the same Proof tattoo as Eminem next August. He now rejoined Bugz, Proof and hip hop’s fallen soldiers in Heaven. May he rest in peace. If you want to express your sympathy, you can do it on his my space account. Copyright 2006 by Isabelle Esling. All Rights Reserved.

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  1. This news is sad…he was so young and had so much to live for. There is so much violence in the world…I wish it would just stop. I didn’t realize how bad it was in Detroit’s hip hop scene. I’m sorry for your loss Isabelle…If you need anything, you know how to contact me.

  2. I don’t know…i used to talk to the man himself…i don’t know anything about his family…i am trying to find the link to the article somebody posted on his my space account…if i get some more info, i’ll let you know…

  3. I personally knew Ken and he was a GREAT person!! It has been a very difficult time to first deal with Proofs death and the pain that Marshall must be feeling then to have to wake-up and hear that a very good friend/homie of mine has been killed. I am from Detroit and I personally know the violence that takes place there….and let me tell you that it’s nothing to mess with!! I’ve seen so many of my close people claimed by the streets of Detroit!! When will it stop you ask?…. Well Probably never as log as there is greed, envy and hate….. the violence will never cease!! To all the young people out there…Ive been thru the street game and I survived….I overcame what was seemingly my fate so can you!! KEN and PROOF…Rest in Peace!! I know ya’ll are up there spitting rhymes and chilling on a cloud!! Be waiting at those pearly gates for me!! I will ALWAYS love and remember both of you. *** BIG props to Isabelle for taking the time to write and express herself!! Keep up the good work girl!! Your doing a great service…And I’ll for sure be looking out for the next thing you write!! Much Love girl*****
    Holla atcha Princess;)

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