New joints from Obie Trice’s Second Rounds On Me

I was lucky enough to find three brand new Obie tracks on Detroit rap: Obie Trice – D Town Boyz (Feat. Big Herk & Eminem),Obie Trice – Everywhere I Go (Ft. 50 Cent) and Obie Trice – After Party (Ft. Nate Dogg). D Town BoysRating of the product :4.5 stars 
D Town Boyz fully enlightens Detroit talents: old school Detroit underground emcee Big Herk and undeniably skilled Eminem.
D Town Boyz is built on a gunshot background combined with dope ass beats and various keyboard sounds. Obie Trice and his fellows bring the Detroit spirit to you. Realness is what characterizes Detroit cats most.
If you thought that only LA and NYC were dangerous hoods, than you are totally wrong. Detroit City, town of the killaz is an unsafe place where you better not mess with boys in the hood.
The trio Obie, Big Herk and Eminem will teach you the Detroit spirit.
Obie starts telling you how much the rap game is taken seriously in Detroit. As Big Herk points it out, there is no place for phoniness in Detroit. Real life guys run the streets. Eminem goes on, keeping it gangsta as well.
D Town Boys make noise everywhere they go.
The beautifully handled track got me hooked instantly. It is probably one of the most beautiful songs on what I heard from Obie’s second album.
Download it here (please hurry the link might expire!).
Everywhere I Go (featuring 50 Cent)Rating of the product: 4 starsSurprisingly (I admit that 5O Cent disappointed me since the release of The Massacre), I really liked what 50 Cent has to offer in this song.
Everywhere I Go is a rhythmic track with an intelligent combination of Obie and 50 Cent’s talent. 50 Cent’s slow way of speaking will contrast with Obie’s rapid flow. The song tells you the journey of artists who travel around the world. It can be a gratifying to be known everywhere you step in.
I enjoyed this song to the fullest and I recommend it to all of you.
Download it here.

After Party (featuring Nate Dogg)
Rating of the product: 3 starsAfter Party is quite disappointing. Not because of Obie’s skills, but because of the commercial dimension of the track. The musical background sounds more disco than hip hop.I admit that party track are annoying to me, most of the time.
Obie showed some good skills, but the track is spoilt by the instrumental background, as far as I am concerned. Download it here. 
Check them new Obie songs!
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