Suicide Ride/ Marvwon-Mr Hash/ song review

Rating: 4 stars
Straight from the hellhole that some call « Detroit hood », Marvwon of the Fat Killaz and Mr Hash of I-Mac decided to combine their original and incredible talents in order to create their overheated thriller.
The listener is rapidly introduced into an explosive atmosphere. Detroit is the place where bad meets evil, but also the place where talents from different areas meet to work together. This is how East and West/Southwest put their differences aside and combine their talents in order to drop a bomb.
Overheated speech, untouchable flow deliveries, nice instrumentals: Marvwon and Mr Hash master all elements of their artistic collaboration.
You’d better shoot yourself in the head than fucking with them. Lyrical bullets will put you down with no mercy while claps punctuate the rhythmic tracks. Marvwon and Mr Hash will rip emcees with big egos off and beat their asses down.
The well handled track is the example of the kind of Detroit rap I really like to hear. It intelligently mixes up offensiveness, lyrical dexterity, good instrumentals, vocals and beats.
The track is up for download on Detroit rap, so don’t sleep on it!
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