A little gift by a fellow fan and writer

I have been sent this little poem by a nice lady who happens to share the same passion for Eminem’s music and for writing. Please don’t copy this poem without my permission. It is subject to copyright.
…just a fair warning.
One late night,
As I worked by desk light.
Alone in the house,
A click of the mouse.
I gazed at many sites,
Then pop, up came your website.
I could not believe my eyes,
What a surprise.
An Em fan like me,
Author of Marshall 313.
Your words flow with ease,
As sand in the breeze.
I asked what, why, and when,
We both work with a pen.
Our writing is a work of art,
Only pages, seperate us apart.
To make our dream come true,
We’ll work our fingers black and blue.
Never give up the dream,
Until publishing becomes a reality.
If you promise to never put down your pen,
I promise forever a friend.

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