Choppy Chope: when reggae sounds meet hip hop

Choppy Chope is an interesting solo artist from Maryland. He will marry reggae, soul and hip hop in a very original way.
Let Dem Know starts in a typical rastafari style, the beats are catchy and the melody is nostalgic. Like rap music, reggae music was born from a fight, a fight from black folks for survival. Feel the faith, the struggle in darkness, feel people’s involvement. The song sounds like a powerful prayer written in a good reggae style.
If you like music that talks to your heart, Let Dem Know is exactly for you.
Choppy Chope Sounds is a catchy track that starts with drums and trumpets. The Jamaican style might make you think of Bob Marley a little bit. Nice vocals in the background totally match with the rhythmic track. Choppy Chope Sounds is as delightful as Jamaican rhum. Taste it and get drunk while notes, vocals and sounds invade your ears with a delightful reggae flavor mixed up with hip hop.
Cold Summer Hot Winter starts in a more offensive way. Choppy Chope’s sounds more gritty and will lead you into the struggling atmosphere of the streets. A man is determined to make it with his powerful rhymes.
Lah Lah Lah starts with scratches sounds and introduces you into Choppy’s rhythmic universe. Choppy Chope has some good lyrical skills, his instrumentals are well handled.
Check out the original artist here.