To the groupies and the Eminem stalkers…

I’d like to put this clear once again and for good. I am a music journalist and I am in NO WAY related to Marshall Mathers nor to his fellows.
I don’t have his address nor phone number and even if I had it, I would never provide any kind of personal info regarding Eminem, his family and his homies.
It is useless and kinda ridiculous for you to come here and ask for Eminem’s msn ID or phone number. It is just a waste of time.
I AM NOT INTO THIS BULLSHIT. So unless you come here to read my articles and post some constructive comments, you are not welcome. I don’t give a fuck if you “love” Eminem, nor do I give a fuck if you feel like his “soulmate” and want his email address. I suggest you to spam another site. This is no tabloid, nor is it a groupie website.
PS: not to sound mean, but Eminem, Nathan and Hailie Jade impersonators and other kind of posers will be banned from this site systematically…this is definitely not the place to spread your lies…get a life, losers and stop wasting my time moderating your worthless comments.

10 thoughts on “To the groupies and the Eminem stalkers…”

  1. Mais elles continuent?????!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Jarrive pas à le croire! Sa fait au moins 5,6 articles que tu fais là-dessus. Sa devient terrible!..

  2. Les derniers temps, g eu des personnes demandant l’email et l’adresse msn d’Em, deux ou trois fausses Hailie Jade, un faux Nathan et une personne qui insultait Em à chaque topic sur Hailie. J’en ai vraiment ras la casquette avec ces gens là!

  3. Isa – This may not be the appropriate place for my question, but I am going to ask, only because I think you will understand how I’m feeling. Yesterday, we had a power outage, and it fried my satellite dish receiver. I had over 40 hours of Eminem taped on it: every music and movie award show performance, every video, every Making the Video, all the interviews from MTV, VH1, and Fuse, all the TRL appearances, all the SNL performances, biographies, Shady Nat’l Convention, Showtime Anger Managment in New York, and both Curtain Calls. I loved rewatching them. Do you have any idea where I might be able to get all of this, again? I feel this huge loss.
    Many thanks. Linda Z on the Oregon coast

  4. there ought to be a chat room for all eminem fans. i’m not all that of chat rooms but i’d be up in that one

  5. yo u people need to grow the fuck up and fuck u eminem u most likely dont remember me but i was out side of your consert in detriont and u told me i should never rap so i pplan to take u on in a rap battle

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