I Got This/ Mr Grizzly song review

Rating: 4 stars
Last February, I introduced you to Mr Grizzly, an underground rapper with attitude from Illinois.
Mr Grizzly is back with some new tracks for his audience. Among his two new tracks, I Got This attracted my attention.
With his gritty voice, Mr Grizzly is ready to assault his enemies. Hidden in the dark, he tracks his victims. Open your ears to his incursive lyrics. Mr Grizzly is rapping on a similar instrumental background than the Chapter 1 songs.
Mr Grizzly is ready to rip his enemies off with his sharp voice. Coming up with an inventive style of his own, the talented artists shows some undeniable skills and a real good flow delivery. Haters don’t open your mouth: you’ll get mashed by the emcee’s wild and incisive style. Raw, offensive, abrasive, thuggish, Mr Grizzly curbs his enemies with authority.
He Got This. What are Mr Grizzly’s assets? He has this flame inside of him, something that could be defined as a lyrical flame. Mr Grizzly’s enthusiasm spreads as rapidly as forest fires. Check the incredible artist here.