Reddbone: one of Detroit’s finest rapping ladies

Some of you might not have heard about her yet, but Reddbone is quite a legend on the local Detroit scene.
Who is Reddbone? In fact, she is D12 member Swifty‘s sister.
Reddbone is not your average female rapper. She doesn’t sound like some sugarcoated R’n’B chick fitting into some famous rapper’s video. Reddbone likes it raw and doesn’t fear being offensive. Sounding like she pimped an army of hoes, Reddbone dares to show some personality while spitting on a track. I first heard Reddbone on Swifty’s Grenade Pins mixtape in 2003 and she impressed me with her skills.
People who are curious to know how Reddbone actually sounds will be pleased to know that she actually has a my space account.
Reddbone is part of a Detroit group called Raw Collection that includes emcee Bareda aka Mr Wrong.
A pretty good example of Reddbone’s vocal performance is given by Get Em With Vanzetti. Reddbone’s voice has some dark accents. The musical background is composed of violins and rhythmic beats. Reddbone is taking over with some incisive lyrics. Getting surgical in no time, she takes over, spitting with confidence and repping her city with pride. You can’t fuck with her. Call her pimpette, Reddbone dominates her worlds and spreads fear around her. Enjoy the gangsta flavor of her collaborations with Raw Collection.
Very few people focus on female rappers. However, Detroit City has given birth to some real good female rapping talents. Check out Reddbone, you won’t be disappointed. She is an artist with some personality and some undeniable talent.

7 thoughts on “Reddbone: one of Detroit’s finest rapping ladies”

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  2. I would love
    to battle any female detroit rapper
    not for beef, thats whack.
    To me though its almost comical that every mofo from the D is now copying eminems style of spitting the truth about his life but
    even people are getting sick of hearing that from him and thats coming from maybe the biggest eminem backer
    its like this
    he doesnt owe you because youre suicidal
    he doesnt owe you because you both grew up in detroit and had problems in life that you think are parallel but probably arent as much
    its like
    how long do you people think he’s gonna give a shit about you, the fact youre from the same city
    these arent solid foundations, these arent tell tale signs that yer gonna be the next eminem…..just wanted to insert some reality into this place and if you got somethin to say
    The ones you really gotta look out for usually arent in the circuit
    its not 1995 anymore
    even tho i wish it were….
    -Kim <–(yeah laugh it up very funny its my real name homies and hoes
    and thats how it goes
    straight from the badass white bitches mouth
    you know the one that doesnt need to suck the circuits beans to get my writing out….

  3. Madam Rouge comin through
    lock up those takehome boxes
    Third attempt this time
    at writing a decent rhyme
    lost the other two
    to the one dimensional fucking zoo
    so this ima be short and sweet
    even tho im kinda tall and mean
    you wanna start a revolution
    is this for money or fame?
    all i want is a chance
    all i want is a name
    Bless the one that gives me that chance
    cuz i’ll be outing these fake ho’s
    quicker than lance bass’s
    teawaary pants
    i had so much written
    so much i wanted to express
    but ill just get down to it
    im not askin for 8 miles
    just two feet
    and a pair of eyes to read the words that i breathe
    legitimate please
    thatswhy i have no music
    cuz when yer white and a jewchick
    you get fired if you dont blow
    no matter how much you might know
    so what does rouge gotta do
    tell you ill show you my tattoos?
    reddbone…you should get up on this revolution
    its a good angle cuz its real
    if these bitches are gonna be sluts
    we got the right say how we feel….
    cuz who knows if i dont
    maybe no one else will
    so write me if you have any constructive ideas
    fuck fame
    fuck money
    its about the revolution
    time to trim the fat on the bitches and ho’s
    walking around with false bravados
    if only there were a small enough dog to fit their egos…
    what the fuck is wrong with these
    doe eyed? me? cock in yer eye baby….
    and its been a long time comin
    im so sick of hearin fake talk
    i said FUCK THAT long ago
    Madam Rouge
    jew fro-jew girl tattooed
    im the last of my tribe
    im sure of it dude
    and i’ll be damned to bow down to you
    you would not have seen me at 2livecrew..
    or LL COO……
    nothing is worth fucking over
    (K i m)
    hey reddbone we can be peppa and the jew…haha..

  4. I know yer reading this cuz yer my biggest fan
    I love you daddy
    you and me
    me and you.
    you gave me everything
    by not leaving me.

  5. you know its a strange feeling to realize that youre going to succeed with YOUR OWN PLATFORM ALWAYS PARAMOUNT, so i say this. I SAY FUCKIT. 7025049624
    if yer not real, i’ll know
    if you are real
    gimme a call
    i specialize in SPEECH.
    -K i M

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