Don’t let words hurt you

What are words? A combination of sounds and syllables coming out of somebody’s mouth? Or are words something more powerful, like a creation or a weapon?
Jewish people call word “davar” in their language that has also the meaning of object in Hebrew, which tends to prove that a word should be considered as something concrete.
The actions words might have on you mainly depend on your reaction, on the way you receive them.
It is a matter of fact, some people use words for healing and some others use them as a weapon. However, whether words will harm us all depends on our reaction. Believe it: no matter what the person’s intentions are, words cannot harm you if you don’t leave them any power.
For instance, some jealous or angry people might tell you that you are ugly, it will nevertheless not mean you actually are. You will only feel ugly if you believe that what those people said about you is the truth.
It is sometimes hard not to react and not to let words affect you. However, before reacting in front of harmful words, always try to analyze the motivation of the person trying to harm you through words. Is he/ she envious of you? Does he/ she want you to he affected badly by those words?
Breathe and don’t allow those words to affect you. Believe that they are just some hateful sounds coming out of that person’s mouth and that they cannot touch you in any way. Like a boomerang, those words will come back to your opponent’s face if you are strong enough not to react.
Sending some hateful words in return might be a temporary relief for you, but they might lead you to an infernal spiral. In the end, you might not be able to break the circle.
Be careful in your own way of using words. It is better to use them with parsimony and to heal or do good to people.
It is always risky to use words as weapons unless you want to perfect your skills in a lyrical battle.
Words won’t bring you down unless you allow them to do so. Always keep that in mind and you will feel fine, no matter what people might say about you.

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  1. Hi! This is weird! I was looking for the lyrics of a song called “Jealousy” and I ended up in your blog. It caught my attention immeadiatley, because this post had exactly what I was looking for. Today I’ve received some nasty comments on my website about me and was wondering what to do. So, I’ve that the best way to answer those comments would be posting something about the meaning of words and how powerful they can be, sometimes even more powerful than weapon. Without any doubt, words and the ideas behind them are bullet proof. 🙂 Maria

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