Kyro Kanaan: his songs sound like prayers

Kyro Kanaan is a hip hop artist who has some positive messages to send through his music. Raised in the streets of Indiana, now settled in California, Kyro Kanaan brings you hungry people some spiritual food for your soul.
Kyro Kanaan has some obvious artistic qualities: his voice is deep and hearty, his words speak from the soul, he can flow. Beats and instrumentals perfectly match with the artist’s warm voice.
The listener will be caught into Kyro’s universe and nourish his ears from his enjoyable sounds.
Kyro’s first song Bush Raid featuring Israel made me think about some moving gospel song. Rhythmic, spiced up with profound accents coming from his beautiful voice. Kyro courageously raises his voice against selfish politicians and points out kids’ harsh life in the ghettos. People like Bush are indifferent to misery: every day people are getting eviction notices, every day kids are living dangerously in the streets. Like a prophet, Kyro’s voice intends to touch your soul. Feel the pain, feel the tears. Oh Lord, why does it have to be that way? The song has a deep meaning and I recommend it to any of you who really love good hip hop.
Flutes are combined with claps and rhythmic beats. Well done, Kyro.
I Promise starts in a more rapid way. Harsh instrumentals, rapid beats will make you feel a man’s struggle on the perilous journey of life. Kyro is determined to live out his passion for the music and never to lose his integrity. At the end of the day, he promises always to be himself. Feel the determination and the passion while listening to the song.
Kiss My Friend is written in an oriental style and Kyro plays variations on the theme of friendship there. The tracks opens on a never ending circle of friendship.
Candy will allow you to discover Kyro’s softer side. Keyboards, guitars, drums introduce the track. Feel the softness of the birth of a new love. Picture yourself with the person you love and makes you feel good. Imagine a beautiful spring day and you’re enjoying the day with a brand new lover. Relax and listen to the track in a total chill out atmosphere.
I highly recommend you to check out Kyro.
He brings a new and refreshing taste to hip hop. Find out more about the amazing artist here.