Terror, the new rap bully

He is from Hartford, Connecticut. He puts fear and trouble on his tracks. Terror reigns like a bully on his tracks.
Certified gangsta, hardcore, offensive, Terror comes up like a hurricane, ready to stomp his enemies on his way.
Terror’s major influences
Terror has been influences are rap pioneers and any rapper which had a major impact on hip hop. He pays tribute to all the true artists in hip hop history.
Terror’s label
Terror is currently signed to an independent label, Liv Ya Life Records.
The original rapper has started rapping since 3rd or 4th grade. He started working with Live Ya Life Records around 2000.
Terror represents Hartford, his favorite city, through his music.
His musical style
Which words should I choose to describe Terror’s music?
Ask me and I’ll answer « definitely gangsta », raw, hardcore and offensive. Ready to rip you off verbally, Terror shows his teeth, roars like a lion and eventually eats his victim up. Adversaries, you’d better fear him!
Explore Terror’s freestyles like Pussy, Lyl Family part 2, Bitches. Enter into a true battle emcee’s world. Terror’s sound click page is a « terrordrome ».
Enjoy the emcee’s various instrumentation, his nice flow delivery, his style and attitude.
What is Terror’s less best kept secret?
Terror is a huge Eminem fan too. Have a look at his Tha Way I Am freestyle. Terror pours his heart out on The Way I Am sample. Well done!
If you like true battle cats, then Terror is exactly the man you need to listen to. Give him his chance and check him out.

Eminem announces his “Curtain Fall”

The rapper fuels speculation over his retirement.
Eminem has fuelled speculation that he plans to retire by announcing the release of a career retrospective.
The greatest hits collection ‘Curtain Call’ is set to be released on December 5, and will feature “at least two” new songs in addition to hits such as ‘Stan’, ‘The Way I Am’, ‘My Name Is’ and ‘Lose Yourself’, according to the his Aftermath/Interscope label.
The star has reportedly been working on the album since early summer.
According to Billboard, Eminem said: “I have some songs that a lot of people like. I have some songs that only I like. This album is obviously for the ‘lot’ of people.”
The Detroit Free Press published an article earlier this summer claiming that the rapper would retire after his Anger Management tour with 50 Cent and that 2004’s ‘Encore’ would likely be his last LP.
Eminem was forced to cancel the end of the tour to seek treatment for an addiction to sleep medication.
At the time of the rumours regarding the rapper’s future, a source told Billboard: “‘Encore’ was the close of the first chapter in his career. Beyond that, who knows?”
The star is continuing to work out of the spotlight, including producing Redman upcoming album ‘Red Gone Wild’. The track ‘I C Dead People’ features raps from the late artists, Big Pun, Big L and Notorious BIG.
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DJ Prince Ice: a new talent straight outta South Carolina

« What’s cooler than cool…Ice Cold! Cool as Ice and twice as nice! »
What makes you feel that DJ Prince Ice’s music is so special?
Maybe the sunny note combined with some cool ice. Imagine yourself chilling on the beach next to the sea and letting the sunny notes penetrate into your years while the refrain will come back to you like a cool and refreshing breeze.
DJ Prince Ice’s music is made for partying and dance atmosphere. His tracks are perfect for Saturday night if you intend to chill with some buddies and have some fun.
Feel the Carolina sun and let the light atmosphere transport you.
Catchy beats, a sweet funky atmosphere mixed up with a Dirty South style will make you enjoy tracks like The Last Song and Carolina Sun.
Many rappers and singers have influenced DJ Prince Ice’s style. Among them, Stevie Wonder, Nas, old school rappers like Grandmaster Flash, Afrika Bambataa…
DJ Prince Ice is no stranger to turntables. In fact, he started learning his job at the tender age of 5.
Learn more about DJ Prince Ice on his my space account.
You’re totally stressed out and you need to relax with some good friends? DJ Prince Ice’s music is the perfect remedy!

MC Masta T: another taste of gangsta rap

Still unsigned, mostly influenced by artists like Tupac , Eminem , Twista, Xzibit and DMX, Masta T is already in possession of the qualities that make a great gangsta rapper: offensive lyrics, a very nice flow delivery, catchy beats and various instruments, a raw and particular voice that will distinguish him from the average rapper. Oh yes! I nearly forgot to tell you: he is real, which matters a lot.
Masta T’s tracks
His first track, Ghetto Drama, is definitely worth your attention. Masta T has obviously put a great effort on it.
It describes the harsh conditions of thug life and offers some reflections about death. Ghetto life is described in its harshness: drug deals, drug overdoses, guns, people dying all around him. A warning to young people who would find this life style funny. Masta T tell you there is always another way.
Nice instrumentals and beats make his track enjoyable.
The old hip hop featuring Tir is a nice tribute to hip hop’s deceased emcees like Tupac, Biggie and Eazy E.
Staying in the game is a hardcore fight…bring back the days of hip hop classics and realness, many of us regret the good old school rappers and would love to bring them back to the game.
Masta T offers his listeners an interesting panel of hits and disses. He spits with confidence and he is certainly an adversary to fear in a rap battle.
I particularly recommend you Ghetto Drama, The Old Hip Hop and The Married Couple Diss.
Check Masta T’s page and give him some feedback.
Masta T’s Tha Revolution album is coming soon…stay tuned.
Masta T is an astute player in the rap game. Check him out!

Mariah Carey pretends that she never slept with Eminem. What is she trying to hide to the world?

Mariah Carey repeatedly stated that she never slept with Eminem. How come that I don’t believe her? I’m not so keen on celebrities gossips, but this topic is currently making the headlines and it attracted my attention.
The reason why I don’t believe her at all is that people have witnessed her going out with Eminem, in public places like discotheques and at his home.
Ok, you might argue that I wasn’t there and that I haven’t witnessed the whole story. True, but I don’t see any logical reason why Eminem would lie about a relationship with a woman.
It is quite obvious that Mariah is trying to hide several details about her relationship with Marshall. Details that might be embarrassing for her, you guessed it right…
Cleaning Out My Closet author, JR Watkins, who used to live at Eminem’s home during this period revealed some crusty details about Mariah’s sick behavior towards Eminem.
A personal friend of Mariah said:
“Mariah is in pieces…She wasn’t expecting wedding bells but she loved his company and thought the relationship was going well. It’s his terrible timing – and the cowardly way he chose to end things – that has really hurt her.”
So if this personal friend is talking about a relationship, I assume that it actually existed…it is quite ridiculous to deny it with insistence.
Mariah Carey is a liar.
For those who don’t know, Mariah has shown signs of psychological instability years before.
She states that Marshall Mathers has some issues…I don’t know if she had survived to what he has been through in his life! Eminem is known for being real and for speaking his mind. I can’t picture him lying about such things. Why would he?
Let’s get straight to the facts: Eminem dumped Mariah Carey in July 2002 a very unusual way: he sent her a message via his cell phone to tell her that everything was over between both of them, after dating her several months.
I do think that this way of handling things wasn’t really fair from Eminem’s side, but if we examine the way Mariah Carey behaved during their short relationship, it becomes more understandable.
Some people, including Jr Watkins have witnessed some irrational behaviors from Mariah Carey’s side : according to them, Mariah even cut her wrist when she felt neglected by Eminem.
It is no secret either that she left some embarrassing messages on his voicemail. Those messages were played at the US Anger Management Tour III this Summer.
Here is the content of the messages that were displayed:
« I heard you were getting back with your ex-wife. Why won’t you see me? Why won’t you call me? You’re not calling me . . . »
People from Carey’s management pretend that this voice isn’t hers. Well, impersonated or not, there must be some truth behind those messages.
Most of Eminem’s statements could actually be verified as true and frankly, why would he waste his time inventing things that don’t exist?
Marshall Mathers has dated several stars like Mariah Carey and Brittany Murphy. People always wondered why he went back with Kim when he had so many girls at his feet. The reason is very simple to understand, though. Eminem doesn’t feel comfortable with the pink bubblegum glitter world. He has known poverty and harsh life struggles. Before he went famous and despite their many arguments, Kim has always played an important role in Eminem’s life, not only as Hailie’s mom, but also as the person who shared his life.
Eminem feels like Kim, despite the negative sides of their relationship, is a person who belongs to his world and who won’t fake her feelings like many Hollywood celebrities do.
I guess I’m a total stranger to the world of the pop divas. I despise Mariah Carey. Would you trust a person like Mariah who pretends to be «as prude as Mary Poppins » when half of her breasts are exposed to the whole world?

Come on…it is time Mrs Carey admitted she had an affair with Em in 2002 and moved on. Or is that another way to attract attention from the whole world?

Mr Hash Lights Out song review

Rating : four stars and a half
Mr Hash is a member of one of Detroit’s hottest group: I-Mac. If you haven’t heard of this hot Detroit underground group yet, please check it, because it is composed of talented artists who put a lot of work and enthusiasm into their art.
Turn the lights out. Time to hit the fields. Mr Hash is here. What up, doe? Holla back when you see him in a Detroit club. Gunshots, panpipes a rhythmic Mexican sound introduce you into Mr Hash’s new single. Open your ears, Mr Hash is in the building, representing the streets of Detroit as always and ready to perform in front of you.
Ready to track down his opponents verbally, Mr Hash greets his people in the club. With his rapid flow delivery, Mr Hash spits his words as if they were shot from a beretta. Haters, you will get knocked down verbally by the Detroit emcee and it will be too late before you realize your fate.
The entertaining thuggish track will make you wanna move your body and dance to the music.
Rhyming with confidence, playing with words and fine chicks, Mr Hash communicates his energy to his listeners.
Dance along on this very enjoyable and rhythmic track. Let the music and gunshot invade your space. Listen to Mr Hash’s raw voice and try to scratch his damn rhyme.
Mr Hash’s single belongs to his Cosa Nostra album and was played on the radio recently. Discover Lights Out here.