Mr Hash Lights Out song review

Rating : four stars and a half
Mr Hash is a member of one of Detroit’s hottest group: I-Mac. If you haven’t heard of this hot Detroit underground group yet, please check it, because it is composed of talented artists who put a lot of work and enthusiasm into their art.
Turn the lights out. Time to hit the fields. Mr Hash is here. What up, doe? Holla back when you see him in a Detroit club. Gunshots, panpipes a rhythmic Mexican sound introduce you into Mr Hash’s new single. Open your ears, Mr Hash is in the building, representing the streets of Detroit as always and ready to perform in front of you.
Ready to track down his opponents verbally, Mr Hash greets his people in the club. With his rapid flow delivery, Mr Hash spits his words as if they were shot from a beretta. Haters, you will get knocked down verbally by the Detroit emcee and it will be too late before you realize your fate.
The entertaining thuggish track will make you wanna move your body and dance to the music.
Rhyming with confidence, playing with words and fine chicks, Mr Hash communicates his energy to his listeners.
Dance along on this very enjoyable and rhythmic track. Let the music and gunshot invade your space. Listen to Mr Hash’s raw voice and try to scratch his damn rhyme.
Mr Hash’s single belongs to his Cosa Nostra album and was played on the radio recently. Discover Lights Out here.