DJ Prince Ice: a new talent straight outta South Carolina

« What’s cooler than cool…Ice Cold! Cool as Ice and twice as nice! »
What makes you feel that DJ Prince Ice’s music is so special?
Maybe the sunny note combined with some cool ice. Imagine yourself chilling on the beach next to the sea and letting the sunny notes penetrate into your years while the refrain will come back to you like a cool and refreshing breeze.
DJ Prince Ice’s music is made for partying and dance atmosphere. His tracks are perfect for Saturday night if you intend to chill with some buddies and have some fun.
Feel the Carolina sun and let the light atmosphere transport you.
Catchy beats, a sweet funky atmosphere mixed up with a Dirty South style will make you enjoy tracks like The Last Song and Carolina Sun.
Many rappers and singers have influenced DJ Prince Ice’s style. Among them, Stevie Wonder, Nas, old school rappers like Grandmaster Flash, Afrika Bambataa…
DJ Prince Ice is no stranger to turntables. In fact, he started learning his job at the tender age of 5.
Learn more about DJ Prince Ice on his my space account.
You’re totally stressed out and you need to relax with some good friends? DJ Prince Ice’s music is the perfect remedy!