Terror, the new rap bully

He is from Hartford, Connecticut. He puts fear and trouble on his tracks. Terror reigns like a bully on his tracks.
Certified gangsta, hardcore, offensive, Terror comes up like a hurricane, ready to stomp his enemies on his way.
Terror’s major influences
Terror has been influences are rap pioneers and any rapper which had a major impact on hip hop. He pays tribute to all the true artists in hip hop history.
Terror’s label
Terror is currently signed to an independent label, Liv Ya Life Records.
The original rapper has started rapping since 3rd or 4th grade. He started working with Live Ya Life Records around 2000.
Terror represents Hartford, his favorite city, through his music.
His musical style
Which words should I choose to describe Terror’s music?
Ask me and I’ll answer « definitely gangsta », raw, hardcore and offensive. Ready to rip you off verbally, Terror shows his teeth, roars like a lion and eventually eats his victim up. Adversaries, you’d better fear him!
Explore Terror’s freestyles like Pussy, Lyl Family part 2, Bitches. Enter into a true battle emcee’s world. Terror’s sound click page is a « terrordrome ».
Enjoy the emcee’s various instrumentation, his nice flow delivery, his style and attitude.
What is Terror’s less best kept secret?
Terror is a huge Eminem fan too. Have a look at his Tha Way I Am freestyle. Terror pours his heart out on The Way I Am sample. Well done!
If you like true battle cats, then Terror is exactly the man you need to listen to. Give him his chance and check him out.

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