Mariah Carey pretends that she never slept with Eminem. What is she trying to hide to the world?

Mariah Carey repeatedly stated that she never slept with Eminem. How come that I don’t believe her? I’m not so keen on celebrities gossips, but this topic is currently making the headlines and it attracted my attention.
The reason why I don’t believe her at all is that people have witnessed her going out with Eminem, in public places like discotheques and at his home.
Ok, you might argue that I wasn’t there and that I haven’t witnessed the whole story. True, but I don’t see any logical reason why Eminem would lie about a relationship with a woman.
It is quite obvious that Mariah is trying to hide several details about her relationship with Marshall. Details that might be embarrassing for her, you guessed it right…
Cleaning Out My Closet author, JR Watkins, who used to live at Eminem’s home during this period revealed some crusty details about Mariah’s sick behavior towards Eminem.
A personal friend of Mariah said:
“Mariah is in pieces…She wasn’t expecting wedding bells but she loved his company and thought the relationship was going well. It’s his terrible timing – and the cowardly way he chose to end things – that has really hurt her.”
So if this personal friend is talking about a relationship, I assume that it actually existed…it is quite ridiculous to deny it with insistence.
Mariah Carey is a liar.
For those who don’t know, Mariah has shown signs of psychological instability years before.
She states that Marshall Mathers has some issues…I don’t know if she had survived to what he has been through in his life! Eminem is known for being real and for speaking his mind. I can’t picture him lying about such things. Why would he?
Let’s get straight to the facts: Eminem dumped Mariah Carey in July 2002 a very unusual way: he sent her a message via his cell phone to tell her that everything was over between both of them, after dating her several months.
I do think that this way of handling things wasn’t really fair from Eminem’s side, but if we examine the way Mariah Carey behaved during their short relationship, it becomes more understandable.
Some people, including Jr Watkins have witnessed some irrational behaviors from Mariah Carey’s side : according to them, Mariah even cut her wrist when she felt neglected by Eminem.
It is no secret either that she left some embarrassing messages on his voicemail. Those messages were played at the US Anger Management Tour III this Summer.
Here is the content of the messages that were displayed:
« I heard you were getting back with your ex-wife. Why won’t you see me? Why won’t you call me? You’re not calling me . . . »
People from Carey’s management pretend that this voice isn’t hers. Well, impersonated or not, there must be some truth behind those messages.
Most of Eminem’s statements could actually be verified as true and frankly, why would he waste his time inventing things that don’t exist?
Marshall Mathers has dated several stars like Mariah Carey and Brittany Murphy. People always wondered why he went back with Kim when he had so many girls at his feet. The reason is very simple to understand, though. Eminem doesn’t feel comfortable with the pink bubblegum glitter world. He has known poverty and harsh life struggles. Before he went famous and despite their many arguments, Kim has always played an important role in Eminem’s life, not only as Hailie’s mom, but also as the person who shared his life.
Eminem feels like Kim, despite the negative sides of their relationship, is a person who belongs to his world and who won’t fake her feelings like many Hollywood celebrities do.
I guess I’m a total stranger to the world of the pop divas. I despise Mariah Carey. Would you trust a person like Mariah who pretends to be «as prude as Mary Poppins » when half of her breasts are exposed to the whole world?

Come on…it is time Mrs Carey admitted she had an affair with Em in 2002 and moved on. Or is that another way to attract attention from the whole world?

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  1. Elle l’a joue sainte nitouche maintenant. Quest ce que sa peut faire quelle est eu une relation avec lui?
    Faut qu’elle arrête de mentir et qu’elle assume!!!! En plus franchement, y a pas de koi le regretter!!!!! MDR 😉

  2. lol c vrai ce que tu dis…elle joue à la parfaite innocente…qu’elle assume, je ne vois pas de quoi elle devrait se cacher…elle est trop fausse cette femme!

  3. why would eminem start lying bout anything when has never done that before!he has always been real and that’s one of the reasons why people admire him so much!

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