MC Masta T: another taste of gangsta rap

Still unsigned, mostly influenced by artists like Tupac , Eminem , Twista, Xzibit and DMX, Masta T is already in possession of the qualities that make a great gangsta rapper: offensive lyrics, a very nice flow delivery, catchy beats and various instruments, a raw and particular voice that will distinguish him from the average rapper. Oh yes! I nearly forgot to tell you: he is real, which matters a lot.
Masta T’s tracks
His first track, Ghetto Drama, is definitely worth your attention. Masta T has obviously put a great effort on it.
It describes the harsh conditions of thug life and offers some reflections about death. Ghetto life is described in its harshness: drug deals, drug overdoses, guns, people dying all around him. A warning to young people who would find this life style funny. Masta T tell you there is always another way.
Nice instrumentals and beats make his track enjoyable.
The old hip hop featuring Tir is a nice tribute to hip hop’s deceased emcees like Tupac, Biggie and Eazy E.
Staying in the game is a hardcore fight…bring back the days of hip hop classics and realness, many of us regret the good old school rappers and would love to bring them back to the game.
Masta T offers his listeners an interesting panel of hits and disses. He spits with confidence and he is certainly an adversary to fear in a rap battle.
I particularly recommend you Ghetto Drama, The Old Hip Hop and The Married Couple Diss.
Check Masta T’s page and give him some feedback.
Masta T’s Tha Revolution album is coming soon…stay tuned.
Masta T is an astute player in the rap game. Check him out!

17 thoughts on “MC Masta T: another taste of gangsta rap”

  1. yo id like to say… hell yeah!!!! Masta T kicks arse lol…ive known him for..well never..but over the net for..about 2-3 years now..ive never won him a battle..and im considered a top veterain in some peeps eyes…give this guy a shot!!…PEACE!

  2. man… this is great!! i’d like to start by sayin i think i hold the record for person to hav battled masta t the most times!!.. i never thought masta t would b famous… but he’s spent the last year tellin everyone he’s gonna make it lol.. and i got a slight feelin he actually could!! PLEASE GET FAMOUS SO I CAN TELL PEOPLE I BEAT U IN TEXT
    and good luck outside rapwars man

  3. yo man me and u have had 2 battles 1 u won and another wich I won…I remember I was one of the first who heard ure audio Ghetto Drama and I told u it was a sick song lol…Respect

  4. yep, known this cat a few months now, well done masta, good to hear ur getting ur shit out now, big up all uk artists 2
    u fucking get me innit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. man…ya’ll usin my page for publicity for the site?? tsk tsk tsk..aint nothin change on ya’ll huh? ahahaha
    ay, thanx for showin me love ya’ll

  6. SHIT that ryte MASTA man ur career is on the way up good luk wit ya new album i wanna hear the futurin song cin that i m in canada pz man and niiice artcle good luk

  7. you know who this is severe aka flatline
    i listened to basically all your audios along the way man so jus hope you keep doin ya thing

  8. mc masta t totally rocks, ive known him for about a year and a half now, and i just wanna say, hes total kick ass!!
    i thankyou so much for publishing this, i know it means the world to him…
    4 those of you who are fans…rock on!

  9. ahh well…i don’t care anymore…you just another punk who tryin to use another piece of what i been workin for ya own personal gain…haha..what a mark

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