Foursaken Slay Mafia album review

Rating: four stars
Let me introduce you to four cool Detroit rappers: IcekreaM aka Linkz , Mylez Mariucci, Special K, Prophecy. Who are they? They are the members of one of the coolest Detroit groups: Slay Mafia.
After years of hard work, Slay Mafia have released their « Foursaken » album. Their discography is quite impressing:
IcekreaM – Definition of War (1997)
Slay Mafia – Platinum Chrome Figgahz (1999)
IcekreaM – The ICE vol.1 (1999)
Ghetto Child – The Phenonem (1999)
Phillie Raps – The Journey (1999)
Slay Mafia – SM2 (2000)
Slay Mafia – SM3 (2001)
IcekreaM & Special K – Operation D (2001)
Slay Mafia – SM4 (2002)
Slay Mafia – The Perfect Description (2003)
Prophecy – Tip of My Tongue (2003)
Prophecy – Shape Shiftin (2003)
Slay Mafia – Reconstruction (2003)
Mylez Mariucci – Underdevelopment (2004)
IcekreaM – Underpressure (2004)
Prophecy – Lucid Dreams (2004)
Slay Mafia – Foursaken (2005)
Linkz – The Birth of Linkz (2005)
Prophecy – The Jazz Theory (2005)
Influenced by Eminem, D12, Royce da 5.9 and other rappers like Jay-Z and 50 Cent, Slay Mafia come up with an original style of their own. Armed with incisive words, catchy beats and a rapid flow, Slay Mafia introduce you into their world with their first track Sick And Demented. Definitely offensive, determined to punch you with their lyrical bullets, Slay Mafia is taking over with some ill lyrics and sounds. The streets of Detroit are present in The Beginning, a track that will make you understand what underground rappers are going through in their daily lives. Keyboards, chord instrument, violins and a mad flow will make you feel the harsh and nostalgic atmosphere of the song.
Run Out will teach you not to fuck with Slay Mafia. DatWatzUp brings a lighter note to the album. The track is more about chilling with some hoes and drinking a couple beers. Rhythmic and well written, track Nr 4 is one of my favorite songs of the album. Wanna chill out, smoke some weed and drink a couple of beers? Track Nr 4 will be perfect for a total chill-out atmosphere. WelcomeToDaLakes reps Detroit. You gotta love the song!
The themes of the album are various: from typical hood themes to political engagement against Bush that is expressed in The Draft. Being myself engaged as a writer, I fully support Slay Mafia’s political engagement against a man (Bush) who acts the wrong way. Globally, Foursaken is a well written and well handled album from the beginning to the end. I highly recommend my readers to download Slay Mafia’s album on their official website.