Mu: The Flood album review

Rating: Four stars and a half
If you ask yourselves about who Mu actually is, then you have to watch Eminem’s Like Toy Soldiers video: he is the man rapping with his headphones on. Mu also has a lot of collaborations with Proof at his active.
Mu’s mixtape is rich of many Detroit collaborations like Elzhi of Slum Village, Kuniva, Marv Won of the Fat Killaz and, of course, Big Proof.
Let me introduce you into Mu’s world: his mixtape is offensive, his words flow rapidly and will hit you hard like bullets. Mu will certainly impress you with his rapid flow, try to follow him, he will always be faster than you.
Ass Whoopin is a menace against people who would be tempted to badmouth Mu.
Don’t joke with him, rather fear the consequences of talking behind Mu’s back.
No Casket, a Kuniva, Aziz, Marv Won and Mu collaboration is a track aimed at the haters. The musical background is a remix of Keep Talking.
No mercy for the haters. You’d better believe the hype is real unless you want to fall six feet deep. « Crenature flash to ashes. You don’t need a suit, no wait, no funeral and no casket » . Mu ain’t joking, so don’t get it started. This is Detroit, don’t fuck with its street soldiers.
I recommend No Gimmicks for its original Indian sounding flavor. The listener will probably fully enjoy Raw’s astute instrumentation, made of light and dark chord sounds combined with catchy beats and good lyrics. A typical 313 flavor that won’t leave you indifferent if you like the D.
Don’t miss Trife Niggas that will enlighten Proof’s skills and raw voice. Trife Nigga is a menace aimed at Murder Inc and co.
Globally, The Flood is excellent work. Instrumentally and lyrically, Mu has worked very hard.
The mixtape is a great panel of interesting collaborations like DJ Green Lantern, Dina Rae, Young Zee of the Outsidaz. Many Detroit artists have contributed to the mixtape who fully represents the 313.
My advice: grab the mixtape, it is really worth listening to.

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  1. As I listened to The Flood I was happy to finally hear something original. I was tired of everyone doing the same thing. Each song gets you pumped and ready for the next. When it ends you want more. I cant wait for the next one. I am sure it will be just as good if not better. Wait. Is that possible?

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