Attack Of The Weirdos EP review

Rating : four stars
I’ve heard so many people express their hatred of D12’s Bizarre, telling me that he was just some useless fat guy with no talent. Maybe if you spent less time criticizing him and more time in having a deeper look at Bizarre’s work, you’d probably discover that he is an ill rhymer. Yes, believe me: Rufus Johnson has some talent. You can see it in his well known work in collaboration with Eminem and D12, but also in his more hidden underground work like his collaborations with DJ Pdog, for instance, or his rare EP, The Attack Of The Weirdos, that was released in 1998.
Bizarre manages to be sick, weird and hilarious at the same time.
Rap Guys is probably one of the most amazing track of the album along with Trife Thieves. Bizarre sends nuclear bombs in terms of words, that’s why he asks the Lord to have mercy on any rapper who shows up to diss him.
Compulsive drinker, weed smoker, crazy killer Bizarre will amaze you and amuse you at the same time. Here is an example of the sick and funny mix up in Bizarre’s lyrics:
« Think about it before you diss me on a track
I hang with niggas that just got out and ready to go back
Bizarre making wack crews fold
Me and Bill Clinton wanna bust in hoes that only 14 years old (shes young)
Doin drive by’s in fuckin pink caddies
Tie you up and beat you worse the L L Cool J’s daddy
This is a crime that even Mc Gruff couldn’t solve… »
The instrumentation on track Nr 1 gives the impression of a constant menace. Rapid beats combined with insisting violin sounds in the background.
What What, the Kuniva/ Kon Artis collaboration is an underground classic that a true D12 fan shouldn’t miss in any case.
Trife Thieves is another example of Eminem’s great story telling talent. Mc Fuzz, a former D12 member, is present on the track. Don’t miss it. It is well written and definitely worth a look.
Over React is an ill track about beefing that is instrumentally well handled. Feel the intensity of the club fights that are intensified by typical D12 bass and guitar sounds wonderfully combined with rapid beats and mad scratching sounds.
Get the Dick -raw mix W/Outsidaz,Young Zee, Pace Won, Aziz, & Ya, an intelligent collaboration with Young Zee and the Outsidaz, is definitely worth a look.