Never trust any files sharing feature!

I had downloaded Soulseek (a free musical files sharing feature, the equivalent of Morpheus or Emule) a few days ago-for professional reasons. It is always useful to download albums that are not in your library when you’re a music journalist. I was really happy to find some rare musical files and everything seemed to be so perfect.
I want to warn all of my readers, because several days after downloading my so much desired files, my computer started messing in a very strange way. My programs started interrupting in a strange way, showing up an “abnormal interruption” message. Sometimes, my computer refused to read some of my files.
All of a sudden, I noticed that somedody had logged into my yahoo account before me.
My antivirus Norton refused to work too.
I accepted to share one folder on soulseek…and you know what happened? I have been hacked and have caught a bad virus in the “My Documents” folder.
Today i had no other choice but reformating my computer. I have lost my whole data. So think twice before you choose to download a feature like Soulseek or Kaaza or anything similar. I had to learn it the hard way!

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