Royce da 5.9 Independent’s Day album review

Rating: four stars
The introduction to Royce’s new album sounds like an explosion: it is a mixture of fireworks with gunshots.
Royce comes up with a mad flow. 5.9 is back, determined to show you his high level of skills. Often underrated, Royce is one of the Detroit emcees who represents the D best. In his former Rock City video featuring Eminem, Royce claimed: « If you hate me, you hate the D », which is true when you consider that Royce 5.9 is one of the hottest Detroit underground emcees.
Politics featuring Cee- Lo Green is a well written track from one of the best Detroit lyricists.
Why You Looking At My Dog featuring Yo Gotti is a hot rhythmic track with a typical gangsta flavor made in the 313.
Right Back is another hot « killa » track in collaboration with Juan of the Streetlordz.
Instrumentally and lyrically explosive, rich of many Detroit artists’ contributions like Big Herc, Juan, RIP Blade Icewood, this album has a hot and spicy taste.
Meeting Of The Bosses is another soldier story taken out of the streets of Detroit. Drums, rapid beats, keyboard sounds add to the heavy atmosphere.
If you like Dirty Glove Entertainment, you will probably fully enjoy Royce’s collaboration with Juan and K- Doe’s that will make you feel the typical Streetlordz sound and atmosphere. Enjoy 7 Mile gangstas’ raw and offensive track.
However, two tracks are disappointing as far as I am concerned: Wet My Whistle and Fuck My Brains.
Globally, Royce’s brand new album is great work and definitely worth your attention. Check him out, you won’t be disappointed.

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  1. Thanks for the support…i think i have added Royce’s official site. He is definitely a great Detroit talent:)

  2. I think you should do a song with that fine ass nidda K-Doe from the dirty glove ENT. i love dirty glove they are the hottest in the and got to give much love DICe. R59 i hope everything go good for you and you make it big and god bless you and my baby k-Doe

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