Cypress Hill Skulls And Bones review

Rating: Four stars and a half
Cypress Hill’s album was released in 2000. It is Cypress’ fifth album.
Skulls and Bones is a combination of rap and metal. Despite the fact I am not a big fan of metal, I fully enjoyed Cypress Hill’s well made album that is intelligently handled from the beginning to the end.
Another Victory starts in a very rapid rhythm. Lyrically powerful, enhanced with catchy beats and keyboard sounds. You cannot fuck with the Soul Assassins.
I particularly enjoyed the well written lyrics to track Nr2. Enjoy B Real’s lyrical offensiveness:
«… I slay rappers with precision
I got vision like Anakin
You panicin’ I’m leavin you stiffer than a mannequin
My high lyrics constantly brain damagin’
Brandishin’ a fire arm, still managin’
Hurt niggas, bandagin’ who give my lyrics
That play like a mandalin
I hold my mic like my dick, but you handlin’
I kill flows on tracks who abandonin’
I eat you like pussy, then take a sample,
Then spit fire in the places you standin’ in
I take a fool to the Hill
Light a candle then you in the dark stuck part in the scandalin’
Now I see your whole brain’s scramblin’
Don’t like what you hear, change the channel then nigga… »

Rap Superstar featuring Eminem and What U Want From Me raise problems that are so typical to superstardom. Average people often envy superstars, because they only see the fame, wealth and big advantages of being a VIP. But have you ever tried to see stardom from the perspective of a megastar? Have you tried to feel the pressure put on his shoulder? Have you ever thought that an artist has to play it cool and to smile in front of his public even when he is in the mood of crying?
Have you ever thought that an artist has barely true friends and that he constantly questions the reasons why people are approaching him? Face it: it is very lonely at the top!
Chrome Valley is a track obviously mixed up with metal. Heavy electric guitar and drum sounds will make you feel the dark atmosphere of the track.
Cerfified Bomb is another example of B-Real and Sen Dog’s lyrical ability.
B- Real’s style is incisive:
« Call me the serial rhyme killer
Mic-cord strangling, mangling, tangling, you in the web nigga
Your head is dangling off of your shoulders
Cause my mic told me to do it cause you wasn’t a true soldier
Fake bustas get hit with the clusterbomb
You’re a hotdog with no mustard, you’re flusterd, I’m calm
Spit heat like a fucking dragon, bagging you up
Tagging you toe, zipping you up
Clipping you up, mic-cord tripping you up
You’re in the dark with no light
and wishing a nigga had lit you up
So much for wishful thinking, you’re body’s stinking
You’re sinking into the hole and I’m at the top winking at ya… »

Sen Dog’s response is offensive and well written too:
« Call me superior showstopper, your hiphop legacy
Claim us to remember we break you off proper
Oh you got a short memory? You wanna render me?
Harmless and surrender me for the fucking enemy?
I won’t let ya I bet ya I reign supreme
Make your fans forget ya search ya in front of your team
Make a nigga smoke a ounce and bounce over the rhythem
And hit em and get another suck and hit em with venom
Nigga my name is Sen and I’m real while you’re pretending
Suckers with no style I hope you get offended
So I can lock your ass up with my jawclutches
Then my rhymes will catch you cause they’re sharp like Tony Touch’s… »

Globally, the album is an intelligent mixture of different styles and collaborations. Some tracks like Get A Hit are all about the guilty pleasure of weed smoking.
I’d give it four stars and a half.