Raw raps from Mr Grizzly’s mouth

Like a bear coming out of his dark cave and ready to attack his victims, Mister Grizzly shows his claws and teeth and comes up with a raw voice.
You’re fond of Eminem’s early work and of his angry Slim Shady character? Then you might enjoy Mr Grizzly’s work as well. With his enigmatic face, Mr Grizzly introduces you into his art. His raw voice combined with some inventive and somber lyrics make his music very much enjoyable.
Listen to Chapter 1: Mister Grizzly will certainly impress you with his mad flow and good skills. His gritty voice added to his inventive lyrics make you feel that Mr Grizzly was born to be a rap bully.
Soft instrumentals introduce Chapter 1’s atmosphere. Follow Mr Grizzly into the club and enjoy the gangsta atmosphere of the track. Mr Grizz is taking over with his crazy flow while the instrumentals make you feel the drunk and dangerous context. Soft clarinets, keyboard sounds some rhythmic beats make the track very much enjoyable.
Anything else you should know about Mr Grizzly?
Mr Grizzly comes from Chatham Village, Illinois. His record’s label’s name is Teflon Recording Inc.
You will be able to explore the label and the other band members of the label here.
Check out Mr Grizzly , an original artist who will introduce you into a gritty and lyrical atmosphere in no time.