BG Knocc Out and Dresta: taste some good Compton flavor

If you like Eazy E, Dr Dre and the whole NWA crew, no contest you will also enjoy BG Knocc Out and his brother Dresta’s skills.
In fact both emcees come straight outta Compton and used to collaborate with legend R.I.P Eazy E. Both emcees manage to put this typical Compton atmosphere into their Real Brothers album that was released in 1995.
Are you nostalgic about NWA and some good ghetto old school raps? Then this album is for you. Beautifully handled with some dope ass beats and some good lyrics, BG Knocc Out and his brother fully introduce you into the Compton hood typical gangsta flavor.
Laid back people who are fond of good gangsta rap will value both emcee’s work. Influenced by Dr Dre’s G Funk sound, the tracks are instrumentally rich and very rhythmic.
50-50 love welcomes you into a soft atmosphere. Let the drums start the nice and relaxing track. Let the instrumentals invade your space, enjoy both brother’s warm R’n’B and soul sounding voices, picture yourself in California during a hot Summer day. Nod your head to the track and you will feel fine.
Real Brothers has that beautiful G Funk sound and that typical dope gangsta flavor made in Compton. Both brothers get lyrical and flow faster than the wind. Enjoy their complicity on the very well handled track.
Every Day Allday is a very rhythmic track that introduces into Compton’s every day life. Welcome to the streets of Compton…it is all about being real. Remember not to mess with the D.R. E. Enjoy the dope ass beats, the artists’ mad flow, their astute lyrics. Move your body on the Dr Dre dedicated track.
Down Goes Another Nigga is written in a dark style. Drugs, sex and hoes are included into the track. Remember to stay sucker-free and to stay far away from bad bitches. The bass sound in the background adds to the dark atmosphere.
Don’t miss BG Knocc Out and gangsta Dresta who handle their Compton old school style very well. Check them out here.

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