Welcome into my inside world: I’m a struggler

Those of you who know me personally know me as a determined woman. Yes, this is what I actually am: determined and focused.
Today I’d like to welcome you into my inside world.
Like B Rabbit in the Rabbit Run song, I sometimes feel like I have to beat the clock to achieve my goals. I don’t know if time is my ally or my enemy, but all I try to do is never to look back at the past unless I want to measure the progress I have made since I started fighting for my dreams to come true. I am usually satisfied about the progress I have reached.
I am currently about to reach one of the goals I have been fighting for for years and I have all reasons to be satisfied about it. However, I am perfectly conscious that the real battle will only begin after achieving this very first goal. Life is an eternal struggle and those who want to make something out of their lives have to keep on grinding like soldiers during a harsh battle.
Being a woman hasn’t always simplified my task. However, I’m not the kind of girl who expects a man’s support just to lean on his shoulder and not doing any efforts by herself. I have been raising both of my kids alone for years and I still do. I have been left on my own in so many dramatic situations, but I am happy it happened that way. I have developed a strong personality and an independent spirit through the years.
The only person I actually count on is myself, because I know my strengths and weaknesses. I have even learnt how to use my weaknesses to my greatest advantage.
As long as I will be alive, I will keep fighting. As long as the inside flame will be burning, I will live out my passions.
Dear readers, life is a constant fight. You have to fight for the right to be who you really wanna be. You have to fight to be where you really wanna be. Never give up on yourself. Never give up the struggle. When you will have reached all you wanted to achieve, find some new challenges, because this is what actually makes life an interesting journey.
The worst regret one could have at the end of the journey is to have lived for nothing. Remember to keep the flame burning as long as you live and you won’t have lived for nothing.

5 thoughts on “Welcome into my inside world: I’m a struggler”

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  2. Bonjour, Isabelle! =)
    Ich werde dir heute auf Deutsch schreiben, was hoffentlich kein Problem für dich ist, da du ja zweisprachig erzogen worden bist.
    Hiermit möchte ich dir wirklich meinen tiefsten Dank aussprechen. Deine Worte berühren mich immer wieder zutiefst. Erst jetzt gerade, als ich deinen Artikel durchgelesen habe, hatte ich Tränen in den Augen. Oft sprichst du mir wirklich aus der Seele.
    Ich schätze es sehr dass deine Berichte stets sehr genau recherchiert sind, dass du dir Mühe gibst Marshalls Leben so getreu wie möglich wiederzugeben, das du weder etwas dazudichtest, noch etwas weglässt, wie es leider oft bei vielen anderen Schreibern und Journalisten der Fall ist.
    Was mir besonders gefällt ist deine positive Einstellung zum Leben, das du anderen Menschen den Mut machst ihr Leben so zu leben wie sie es wollen und ihre Träume zu verwirklichen.
    Weiter so!
    À bientôt! Amicalement,Nathalie

  3. Nathalie,
    Ganz im Gegenteil lol es freut mich, mal wieder Deutsch zu lesen. Ich danke dir für deine lieben Wörter, was meine Artikel betrifft. Ich bemühe mich, der Wahrheit so nahe wie möglich zu stehen, was Marshall betrifft. Dieser Mann hat mein Leben so positiv beinflusst und das werde ich nie vergessen. Ich schulde ihm sehr viel.
    Ich versuche es auch durch eigene Erfahrungen meinen Lesern Mut zu machen. Ich bin fest davon überzeugt, dass eine positive Einstellung zu Leben uns immer hilft, unsere Wünsche zu erfüllen. Man muss daran glauben und gezielt arbeiten…
    Es war eine Freude, dich zu lesen…ich wünsche dir Alles Gute:)

  4. Bonjour Isa,
    Thank you for your hearfelt words and encouragement. Your message was timely for me, today.
    I am curious about the goal you are so close to achieving and hope you share more information w/your readers.
    Thank you for all your hard work keeping your blog current!

  5. Linda, thanks a lot for your input:)
    Yes, i will share this info with my readers when ready…i will keep you all updated:)

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