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If you’re still wondering about who Fullklipp actually are, they are a Detroit underground group composed of Merlyn Wade aka P.A.C.E (the CEO of the group), Bigg Baldy aka Eric Hurst and TrueBeyond aka Rodrick Hurst (both lyricists of the group). I had the chance to review Fullklipp’s album last July and I think this review will give you a little bit more insight about what Fullklipp is all about.
Fullklipp represent the Detroit ghetto with a poignant sense of realness combined with original sounds, some good lyrics and beats.
Check out this group. You won’t be disappointed.
P.A.C.E and his crew have some real talent to offer their audience. Moreover they are real emcees who have mad love for their fans.
Listen to their music and download some of their tracks here.
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