Canadian rapper EkS biography

EkS was born and raised in Toronto. He currently resides in Niagara Falls, Ontario.
EkS would soon show skills in his teenage years and start writing rhymes at the age of 13. The hot Canadian rapper has about 3 years of recording experience behind him.
So why do people call him EKS?
One of the talented rappers’ friends, who used to play baseball with him at high school gave EkS a nickname that would follow him through the years.
The Playbook mixtape Volume 1
I had the chance to listen to EKS’ Playbook mixtape that was released in December 2005. The mixtape, that is available for a free download, is a compilation of older and new songs and will give people some insight about EKS’ progression as an artist.
You might be curious to know why EKS named his mixtape Playbook.
EKS defines it like « a guide, a playbook of something you can follow and learn from or even just enjoy for some good music really.
You can also picture his mixtape as “a book of knowledge & wisdom, like religion but scriptures written in plays for living”
What are EKS’ future plans regarding his musical career?
EKS has beeb collaborating with numerous artists and producers. Expect some big projects to come.
About him
EKS’ biggest musical influences are Elzhi, Ras Kass and Joe Budden.
He writes his music the way he feels, so it would certainly be hard to categorize his music. However, the combination of EKS’ incredible flow delivery with his lyrical skills and good instrumentals make his music a unique creation. EKS is certainly a perfectionist who has worked hard through the years in order to sharpen his tools and to improve the quality of his very enjoyable music.
Hungry for more EKS?
Check his my space account and discover his unique rapping style that truly represents Niagara Falls, Ontario.