Is France turning into a dictatorial state?

I feel less and less well in a country that seems to be lead by some very manipulative politicians whose methods are very close to dictatorial techniques.
If I dared to express my full disgust of the Bush administration, I certainly won’t fear expressing my rage against incompetent French politicians who slowly lead our country into a real disaster. It looks like the concept of freedom only exists on paper and is no longer a reality in France.
Brainwashed through the French media
Human rights are constantly denied and it looks like religious communities are no longer respected under the devilish disguise of so called « republican principles ». I discovered- by coincidence- on a cultural channel called « Planete » a kind of report about cultural differences at school. The principal’s statements that one could easily qualify as anti Semitic and anti Islamic statements were orientated in order to manipulate the viewer’s opinion. I have known people from both religious backgrounds, Jews and Muslims, but not any Frenchman has a good knowledge of both religions. Anything different is often viewed as a menace. However, when people allow broadcastings where a high school principal allows herself to state that Israel’s culture is « only a war- culture » and that people who want to follow the commandments of the Islamic religion are all fanatics, I think that somebody is trying to brainwash the public’s opinion.
Drama at Clichy Sous Bois and French riots
The reality is even scarier: the recent dramatic happenings in Clichy Sous Bois, near Paris, on October the 27th prove how much the French government is two faced and incompetent to solve people’s problems.
Two teenagers, Banou (15) and Ziad (17) died in an horrible way while a third teenager (who fortunately survived) was severely injured. Obviously, and contrary to the French government’s statements, the three young men were electrified while trying to escape from the police.
Several days afterwards as the police was trying to fight street rioters who set cars and schools into fire as a form of protest.
Another form of disrespect of the French Muslim community is the tear gas canister that landed into a mosque during the Friday afternoon prayers.
A war has started between ghetto people and the police. The government has left some deep scars with its provocative attitudes and its incompetence to solve neighborhood problems. The great majority of those ghetto inhabitants are African Muslims and Arab and come from very low income families.
To those who doubt that the police might have been implicated in this sad affair, let me tell you how a policeman treated my eldest 15 year old son (who is bi racial) last July. My son was chilling with two friends downtown and the policeman told him that he had « an ugly face » and that he’d like to kick his ass! Translation for those who still don’t understand: « you don’t have the right color and if you were alone, I’d beat you to death… ».
This is a shame. This is how the French police treats an innocent young man and this is nothing compared to what happens in our ghettos.
The police’s power has been empowered and racial discrimination has become a way of life. You don’t have a white face? Then shit could possibly happen between you and the fucking cops.
It is quite a shame when a person like Nicolas Sarkozy dares to call young people who live in the ghetto « scums ».
Even when young people cause trouble in their neighborhood, it is often due to the harsh living conditions. Give them a decent job, treat them as human beings, help them to get out of their misery instead of complaining about their way of life.
It is not really good to be jobless in France right now…you might get into trouble…
Unemployed? Take the burden of your guilt
Non content to encourage racism, our fucking stupid government put up some new employment measures in order to blame jobless people. When you’re jobless, you are automatically categorized as « not motivated » and « lazy » in France. That’s the new shit. So what are the new governmental measures about jobs?
After being unemployed for two or three months, the employment agency gently asks you to take any 26 hours minimum wage job (regardless of your diplomas and of your resume)…you will have a « misery contract » for two years, a contract that is very favorable to your employer (of course!). During this contract , they delegate some kind of supervisor who is supposed to train you for the so called misery job. With your salary, you will have more expenses and you are supposed to live nearly with the same amount as if you were on welfare. Wow! That’s so great!!! It is just another trick to maintain poverty in France…The name of those innovative contracts ?« Contracts of The Future », which gives you some precise insight about how the future will look like in France.
Today I am addressing to my French readers in particular, but also to all the people in the world who refuse to get brainwashed by their government. Detroit emcee The Disciple said that the world is burning and there is so much truth expressed in his song: don’t take freedom and social values for granted. You gotta fight for your rights. So let’s all stand up against injustice, racial and religious discrimination before it is too late. Today Paris is burning…it is up to you to stop the fire or to intensify it. Try to make the right choice.