Let me introduce you into Vietnamese hip hop

While searching for some former Eminem underground songs, I found a young emcee from Vietnam who goes by the nickname eminemtxnc aka Hai Troc.
This time, my task won’t be simple at all, because even the young emcee’s resume is in Vietnamese language. So don’t expect me to define the lyrics. However, I think that I am able portray Hai Troc through his flow, his instrumentals and beats and also through the colorful impressions his music left on my mind.
Hai Troc is a hardcore hip hop artist.
How does Hai Troc sound?
The 27 songs exposed on his sound click account are taken from his Bitter Chocolate album.
His music is very different from what you could expect from some African American or from white emcees. Some of his tracks make me think about some funny theater play. Hai Troc’s voice introduces you to a very colorful universe that is enlightened by an original instrumentation.
Hai Troc combines a nice flow delivery with some dark and original sounds. The young emcee uses various instruments from piano, violins double bass (etc) to keyboards. His speech is confident and sounds offensive.
Sometimes, Hai Troc uses samples like in the song dedicated to his girlfriend that has Nelly’s Dilemma background.
Hai Troc, who has probably also found some inspiration in Eminem’s music, has some interesting tracks to offer to his listeners.
He’d certainly raise more interest among them if he took a little bit time to translate his page into English.
Discover Hai Troc here.