Chuck Dirty, another spicy taste of Michigan hip hop

Chuck Dirty was born on February the 10th, 1984 in Flint, Michigan. The young emcee has quite a good experience in rapping. Inspired by his favorite rapper, Tupac, he started writing rap lyrics at the age of 12. Soon he would be performing at local hip hop shows at 15 and recording mixtapes with his friends.
Find out more biographical info about the rapper from Fenton, Michigan, here.
Chuck Dirty is no newcomer to the local hip hop scene, but you are probably curious to know how he sounds…
Chuck Dirty raps in an offensive way that is typical to the spicy Michigan taste. Dirty Chuck creates some good lyrics that are beautifully combined with his rapid flow delivery.
Chuck Dirty represents and reps his hood with pride. Enjoy his cool sense of humor expressed in his song « Cocky » that is available on his my space account.
Chuck Dirty’s force also lies in battling. The gifted artist has written two disses aimed at a local emcee Baby T: mini Baby T Diss and Dance With A Devil.
In both tracks, he manages to make his opponent look totally ridiculous.
Baby T gets murdered lyrically.
Chuck Dirty’s flow literally stomps his rival. In the world of gangsta rap, the worst insult you could get is probably « wanksta ». In the harsh world of hip hop, fake thugs get no love. BabyT Mini Diss is built on 50 Cent’s Wanksta sample. Not only does it fully destroy and ridicule Baby T’s gangsta image, it also attacks his credibility as an emcee whose music doesn’t seem to be « real rap », but rather rock sounding, according to Chuck Dirty’s statements.
You’d better not mess with the Michigan emcee who will reduce you into pieces in no time. Threatening your safety, carrying the mind of a soldier, Chuck Dirty will kill you with no mercy.
Enjoy his lyrical skills and rapid flow. The young emcee has some pure hip hop to offer to his audience.
More of his songs are available on his sound click account.
Be so curious and check him out!