Is Nicolas Sarkozy slowly turning our state into a dictatorship?

I barely express about my country, but the recent happenings in Clichy Sous Bois near Paris and the way things are handled economically, socially and politically are quite scary…What happened to the so called “country of freedom, equality and fraternity”?
It seems like the rights of the underpriviledged are constantly deprived. Religious minorities and unemployed people are discriminated against on a daily basis…
I feel less and less comfortable in a country I intend to leave before Sarkozy gets elected as a President…

My next article will be political and critical. Fuck Sarkozy and fuck the police!

4 thoughts on “Is Nicolas Sarkozy slowly turning our state into a dictatorship?”

  1. Damn Isa … what’s goin’ on over there that’s got you so pissed?? Sounds like some Bush shit. Thanks for checking me out. I’ve been meaning to holla but I’ve been a lil down this week. Book sales ain’t poppin’ and my freakin’ car broke down. I’m raising my head for the weekend though and hopin’ to make some progress soon. Peace!!

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