Dear readers…

I am currently experiencing some problems with my internet. It has been down for about 2 days and I don’t know when the problem will be fixed. I keep working on my articles and I am asking you for a little bit patience…I will do my best to get back at you asap…stay tuned:)

4 thoughts on “Dear readers…”

  1. Wat up em I gotta ment u r a hot white boy I really digg your style. I’m hopin I can get my music out to g-unit and some business wit u too u digg. I’m a female rapper who is 23 years old. I got this song dissin fat joe Tha song is called Ya’ll dont want it. O yea I forgot to tell g-unit I use tha same beat joe use when he said we are em terrorsquad boy u should know not to test us where is all em g-unit vest and em tiflime vest at. u digg. Alot of poeple like but I need ya to heard. I want a deal wit Ya em please tell em watz good. I’m sendin an email out to everybody. My email address is Holla It’s Be-azia

  2. Yo! m don’t u think it would be hot if g-unit had two females on tha team. And wouln’t even have to go out side the camp cuz all tha talent is rite there. Female rapper and a female singer. Holla Be-azia

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