Facts about Swifty Mc Veigh

Swifty Mc Veigh
‘Don’t playahate, play along’
Ondre Moore aka Swift aka Swify Mc Veigh was born on May the 16th 1976 in Detroit.
He’s a member of the rap group Da RaBeez and, of course, of the D12 group.
Swifty particpated in 2000 to Blaze Battle and he also appeared on the Funk Master Flex and DJ Butter mixtape ‘Kill the DJ’.
Swifty Mc Veigh is often spelt different was, but the right spelling for his nickname is ‘Mc Veigh’, because the Oklahoma bomber Timothy Mc Veigh, inspired the rapper for his nickname.
About the man who inspired his nickname, Swifty says:
“I’m not saying what he did to Oklahoma was all good,but it’s just like, seeing him on TV, he was so nonchalant about it. Quiet, straight-faced, up-front, didn’t have nothin’ to hide. While pop-psych observations should be taken with a grain of salt, there’s more than a little resonance here with another close-cropped white guy who stared down a nation of critics and accusers and said, simply, “What.”
Who was actually Timothy Mc Veigh? You will learn more about him here:
The huge difference between Swifty Mc Veigh and Timothy Mc Veigh is that Swifty drops his bombs on the mic.If you consider the lyrics of ‘Shit On You’, for instance, you will notice Swifty’s interest for terrorism, which is, of course, not to take at first degree:
‘I remain fatter than gluttony
Tapin’ bombs on the back of record companies (uh huh)
blow ’em up if they ain’t wantin’ me
The national guard- they scared of huntin’ me
I love beef- I got your hoe duckin’ me
A drug thief- Bitch I’ll take your marijuana
These slugs will keep your ass away from my corner
I drown niggaz in hundred degree saunas
You can act if fool if you wanna- BIATCH
It’s this lyrical piranha- strapped with a grenade in a pool with yo’ mama
attack her by the legs and pull her to the bottom
Twit lettin’ up like a condom
Slappin’ if you fuckas got a problem
When I see ’em- you hoes endin’ up in a fuckin’ mausoleum
or hidden in a trunk of a black and gold BM
Pull in a garage while you screamin’
keep the motor on and I’m leavin’

Deceased D12 member Bugz wanted Swifty to be part of the D12 group. You will certainly enjoy Swifty’s rhyming skills in songs like ‘Instigator’ from the Devil’s Night album which gives us a good example of Swifty’s scary psycho style:
‘I don’t give a fuck if we beefing or not
I squeeze first
I’ma heat up your spot
I’m a nigga that breathe dirt
On these streets everyday
Snatching nigga’s lle’
How you bitches needing work?
You can get it from McVeigh
I’m despiteful
I tie a hoe
A maniacal vile animal
Liable to leave you strapped with your Bible
I’m psycho
My bullets won’t fly by you
You wanna kill me?
You got the right to
Ain’t gotta wait till night to snipe you
If I don’t like you
You getting hit in broad day light with a white rifle
In front of your window I’m looking right through
I love when I see a nigga get stuck…’