In memory of D12’s deceased member Bugz

Karnail Pitts aka Robert Beck aka Bugz was born in 1978 around May.
He was loved and appreciated by all the D12 members for his rapping skills.
His life ended tragically on May the 21st in 1999: he was only 21 when he died.
The circumstances of his death will make us realize the fragility of human life. Bugz died for nearly nothing:

The day of the show, Bugz, a friend, and his friend’s cousin werespending the afternoon at Detroit’s Belle Isle Park. An altercation arose when a man sprayed Bugz’ friend’s cousin with a high-powered water gun and she took offense. A heated argument ensued which escalated into a fistfight, and Bugz intervened on his friend’s behalf. At this point, a friend of the man with the water gun went into a Ford Expedition, drew a rifle, and fired at Bugz, who was looking away at the time. He was hit three times at close range, once in the neck, and once in the chest. The men then ran Bugz over in the Expedition. An ambulance was called, but due to traffic on the bridge to Belle Isle, it took them thirty minutes to get onto the island. Bugz was rushed to a nearby hospital, where he could not be saved. He had just turned 21.
Bugz untimely passing has only strengthened the resolve of Dirty Dozen members. “It just makes you look at life more serious,” Proof says. “”At this point, we’re trying to gather everything he recorded [to] make an LP.” The Dirty Dozen, who’d been working on releasing their debut EP, are now looking to release Bugz’ material in tribute.
On Thursday, June 24, the Federation Records family is holding a Bugz benefit at The Wired Frog in Eastpointe, Mich. featuring fellow Dirty Dozen member Bizarre, as well as Paradime, The Brigade, SUN, and Da Ruckus. The cost is seven dollars, with all proceeds going to the Pitts family. Bugz will also be featured on The Brigade’s upcoming 4-song 12″ due out on Federation Records next month. ‘ Werner’ (Source: Rolling Stone Magazine)

The D12 group was founded by Proof in 1995. It is known that the first three members were Proof, Eminem and Kon Artis who were joined later by an MC named Eye Kyu. Then Bizarre joined the goup. The sixth member was Bugz.
When Eminem was discovered by Dr Dre, he started his solo career with the release of the Slim Shady LP. Eminem was also trying to get D12 a record deal. He was supposed to lead the goup and to make few appearences.
Then Swifty Mc Veigh joined the group. He featured Eminem’s song ‘No One’s Iller’.
When Bugz was tragically killed, Eminem placed himself in the group.
Bugz’ wish was to have Swifty Mc Veigh as a member of the group.
Track 19 and 20 ‘Bugz 97’ (Skit) and ‘Good Die Young’ from the new D12 World album are dedicated to Bugz.
Before each show, the D12 crew prays for Bugz.
For his crew and for true D12 lovers, Bugz will live forever.

14 thoughts on “In memory of D12’s deceased member Bugz”

  1. its so hard to find bugz songs i only have like 6 hopefuly that album in tribute to bugz get released…..

  2. the link to this site is on the right of my blog among the other hip hop links…check it out, it is very complete.

  3. hey wadup? n2m here well i noticed you were talking about D12 and i once seen them in missoula montana with 50 cent they did gr8. it was an awesome concert. xoxo sarah .. ( shelby montana )

  4. Well i am sorry for hearing about the death of bugz but unfortunaetly he should have not jumped to conclusions and not let the situation overesculate. One love and R.I.P. bUT PEOPLE WAKE UP AND BUT YOUR GUNS DOWN.

  5. I just wanna Say that i apriciated BUGZ,so as Proof,i am from Serbia and i listen to Eminem adn D12
    If i know who killed BUGZ and Proof i would killed them too,they were the best that happend to band
    R.I.P. BUGZ
    R.I.P Proof

  6. Rip bugz i loved u and still does D12 keep it up u guys are the best on the list

  7. I heard something about D12 getting permanent tattoos of Bugz to symbolize him being a part of them. (needs confirmation). I also believe that eminem’s song, Like Toy Soldiers, was for Proof.

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