Street Freestyler (freestyle, by me)

Nobody’s iller than this street killa
With his acapella, listen fella
The words he spits ain’t no shit
And if ya ain’t strong enough to battle you’d better quit
He spits fire and his words take you higher and higher,
Don’t hate, you’d better admire
His verses are called ‘ inspire ‘, if you disagree just retire
The words he will throw
Are not just for the show
Bro, you know, he’s authentic from head to toe,
He can make you scream the crow
So man you’d better put it slow
He’s a freestyler since a long time ago
Standing still, grabbing a word to kill
He’ll put you on the highest hill.
You wish you wasn’t a weak attacker
You’re tired, damn, you have tried, cried,
You’d better have died,you have been put on your knee by your enemy,
You’ve found a word hacker, a tracker
You’re left with a horrible wound
You ain’t worth no pound
Street Killa put you on the ground,
Out of your rotten mouth no sound
You’d better close the door
Or his gun will get you lying on the floor
You beg for mercy in vain, no return, no train,
He’ll get rid of you, now you’re feeling blue
Smashing your brain in the pouring rain
Ill Rhymer, street freestyler