Keep talking, Miss Alvarez. Nobody cares.

A bored manicurist certainly wants her 15 minutes of attention in the press:–he-was-like-a-virgin-at-first-name_page.html
Nobody would really care about Kesia Alvarez if Eminem’s name wasn’t mentionned beside hers in an article from the ‘Mirror’. Her strategy isn’t new nor original, though: Todd Nelson, JR Watkins and Byron Williams have done it long before her.
All of them didn’t mind displaying a huge amount of details about Eminem’s sexual life. Kim’s privacy has, of course, been totally exposed too.
Kesia may have dated Eminem, she might know some intimate details about the talented rapper, but I find her exposure of some details despicable and most of them are probably a bunch of lies too.
Sexual life has to do with privacy and I couldn’t display what happened between me and my former lovers publicly. No matter if they’re famous of not. It is a very intimate sphere and I would be ashamed of myself if I acted like Kesia. Because Eminem is a public person, some people think they are allowed to give any detail about him. I’m sorry, but you have no right to do that: Eminem has the right to have a private life too. There is a part of him that doesn’t belong to his public and true friends would never reveal it.
I frankly doubt some of Kesia’s statements, not because I’m defending Eminem , but simply because they don’t seem to match with reality:
” He didn’t know how to excite a woman.’
Kesia wasn’t the first woman Eminem had dated in 1999. He has grown up with Kim and started dating Kim since he was around 16. He has had a long term relationship with Kim. It is also a known fact that he has dated some other women long before Kesia.
It is just so obvious that Kesia wants some attention. She also claims that she has been in love with Marshall. If her (past) love for him was sincere, she wouldn’t dare talking about ‘his manhood’ and particularly in demeaning terms. The lyrics of ‘Hey Lady’ talk about such behavior:
‘What we do under the covers should stay between the covers
And the two of us and we ain’t gotta be news coverage
On the front page cover of “Buzz’s New Lovers”
And this is when the bitch get to showin’ the true colors
Cuz the truth of it, everything that I do’s public
And you’d love it if you could run and tell all your friends
Guess who you just screwed, assume just me and you’ve done it
And say that you was rubbered and show ’em the proof of it…’

She claims to have loved him, but now she shows her true colors. No wonder Marshall hardly trusts anybody.
Kesia largely overrates her importance in Eminem’s eyes. It is laughable:
“Marshall is a wonderful father and adores Hailie. He told me that she was the only reason he was marrying Kim rather than me.”
Those words are demented by Marshall’s own words about Kim:
”Me and Kim, we been through our dramas and shit, but I’ve been bald-faced lying if I said I don’t love her or I’m with her because of my daughter. I’m with her, ’cause I really wanna be with her. I love that girl, man. I really do.”
If Marshall took the decision to marry Kim in 1999, it was because of the love he felt for her, not because of his daughter. True friends like Proof have confirmed it.
Kesia also suggests Eminem may be gay. Her arguments are just laughable:
“He’s very homophobic but I think he protests too much.
I NOTICED on tour that he was often surrounded by young men who seemed gay to me – particularly when we were in Europe – and he would mysteriously disappear sometimes.”

Besides her rumours about Eminem’s sex life, Kesia’s other ‘revelations’ are no mystery for Eminem’s true fan base. We all know that Eminem used to take drugs, particularly at the beginning at his career. We also know that Eminem doesn’t correspond to Slim Shady’s persona in real life. Other women who have dated him, such as Brittany Murphy have stated that they were treated respectfully by him. Fortunately, those women have more respect for intimacy.
Keep talking, Miss Alvarez, keep spreading your rumours. Nobody cares, except for scandal newspapers. You didn’t manage to make Eminem look bad, because your story looks fabricated for a large part. The only person you managed to make look really bad is you. Try to think about it.

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  2. Very true wordz…why if u really loved someone would u divulge ur dirty laundry whether fake or real? That iz jus not cool at all and who cares what an ex-paramour haz 2 say since she is defintely sayin’ negative untrue stuff. Bravo 4 gettin’ rid of this hustler chik that makes us women look bad. A real woman would never do that—her bedroom stories are alwayz a mystery. Oh, and ps Kesia…ITZ NOT THE SIZE OF THE WAVE ITZ THE MOTION IN THA OCEAN. What would u do if u had been Christopher Reeves wife? Walk away cuz he couldn’t use his stuff? Real lovers have more than physical attraction that satisfies them thoroughly beyond anything u could ever feel with ur cold selfish self. Keep it movin’ beyotch.

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